Malaysia Tourism Federation (MTF) achieves important milestone

Wednesday, December 20, 2023


Malaysia’s tourism industry achieved an important milestone on July 10, 2023.

The formal establishment of the Malaysian Tourism Federation (MTF) will provide a unified voice and representation across the tourism industry.

The newly established federation aims to unite the individual independent national tourism associations under one umbrella.

The initiative was launched in February 2020 and has received strong support from key stakeholders. YB Dato’ Sri Hajah Nancy Binti Shukri, Malaysia’s Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture at the time, was also one of the people involved.

The federation will be led by Datuk Tan Kok Liang, a veteran tourism leader appointed by the Malaysian Travel and Travel Agents Association (MATTA), as its first president.

He is a member of the Malaysian Hotels Association (MAH), Malaysian Budget & Business Hotels Association (MyBHA), Malaysian Inbound Chinese Association (MICA), Persatuan Sharikat Pengendalurian Perangkongan Bumiputera (BUMITRA), and Malaysian Theme Parks. Representatives from various associations are also participating. and Family Attractions (MATFA), Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association (MCTA), Malaysian Cruise Industry Association (MCIA), Malaysian Scuba Diving Association (MSDA), Malaysian Spa Association (AMSPA), Malaysian Indian Tour & Travel Association (MITTA), the federation is It is an inclusive federation and plans to invite other tourism organizations as members in the coming months.

The Malaysian Tourism Federation (MTF) plays an important role in the tourism industry by providing a platform for all member associations to come together and express a unified voice. This unified language ensures greater impact and effectiveness when dealing with government agencies, policy makers, and other stakeholders.

By sharing resources and expertise, the federation can address common challenges and issues facing the tourism industry, ultimately leading to the development of comprehensive solutions.

The main roles and responsibilities of the Malaysian Tourism Federation (MTF) include:

Realignment and unification of representation: The federation aims to unify the voice and representation of the tourism industry and ensure that the diverse interests and priorities of individual associations are balanced to advance the interests of the tourism industry as a whole. is.

Collaborative problem solving: By leveraging the combined resources and expertise of its member organizations, the federation finds innovative solutions to address common challenges and maximize the growth and development of the tourism industry. can do.

Policy Advocacy: An alliance that advocates for policies that contribute to the overall development of the tourism industry. This includes lobbying for favorable regulations, incentives and infrastructure development to improve the tourism environment and attract more tourists.

Sharing best practices: The Federation serves as a platform for member organizations to exchange knowledge and best practices. This collaborative approach leads to improved operations and overall industry growth.

Marketing and Promotion: The Federation coordinates collective marketing and promotional campaigns to attract domestic and international tourists and improve the image of the destination. Pooling resources increases the impact and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Crisis management: In times of crisis, such as natural disasters or health emergencies, the federation coordinates efforts to manage the impact on tourism and works towards a collective recovery strategy.

Research and data sharing: The Coalition collects and disseminates industry data, fosters research collaboration, and provides valuable insights that inform decision-making processes.

Stakeholder engagement: A federation that works with local communities, environmental organizations and other industries to ensure sustainable tourism development that benefits all involved.

The Malaysian Tourism Federation (MTF) recognizes the need to balance the diverse interests and priorities of individual associations to truly function as a unified body for the betterment of the tourism industry as a whole. Additionally, the federation’s policy advocacy covers visa requirements, air connectivity, funding for tourism operators, illegal tourism operators, sales and services tax (SST) thresholds, staffing requirements, luxury tourist vehicles, Umrah travel packages, tourism infrastructure development, regulation of short-term rental accommodation (STRA), reduction of hotel utility costs, and modernization of the Tourism Industry Act 1992.

“The establishment of the MTF represents a significant step forward for the Malaysian tourism industry. We believe that by coming together as a unified body, we can effectively address the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. We will promote sustainable tourism practices, advocate for policies that benefit the industry as a whole, and work towards the continued growth and development of Malaysia’s tourism industry.”

The Malaysian Tourism Federation (MTF) looks forward to working closely with stakeholders including the government, policy makers and industry stakeholders to foster a thriving and sustainable tourism industry in Malaysia.

Together, the two companies aim to provide unique experiences and warm hospitality to visitors from around the world for their visit to Malaysia in 2026, elevating Malaysia as a leading global tourist destination.

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