Safe Sports Malaysia advocates for the enactment of a domestic Safe Sports Law

Safe Sport Malaysia president Sarina Sundara Raja hopes someone will champion the Malaysia Safe Sport Act, which gives powers and scope to address abuse and misconduct in sport beyond the national level. ing.

Speaking to Kuala Lumpur-based media outlet Twenty213, Salina said: “The Safe Sport Code is necessary, but it must incorporate the implementation of legal oversight (Safe Sport Act) and independent oversight (Safe Sport Center). That was the intention.”

“Federal laws to prosecute abuse are a starting point, but we also need sports-specific laws.

“This approach to legislative initiatives has proven particularly effective for policymakers in closing legal loopholes and strengthening laws that address abuse in sport,” said former Malaysian gymnast added.

He added that there was an urgent need to put in place the necessary independent reporting and adjudication mechanisms to ensure that allegations of abuse and misconduct were dealt with fairly and transparently, free from political interference. .

Malaysia recently introduced safe sports norms.

“When considering how to manage safe sporting norms for federally funded sporting organizations, a clear plan of action must be defined. This includes appropriate resource allocation and Includes the development of necessary skills.

“Additionally, sports officials should take the time to understand the basics and best practices of athlete safety,” Salina added.

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