This local designer will be representing Malaysia at New York Haute Couture Fashion Week!

It’s no secret that Malaysia is full of incredible talent who deserve nothing less than the world stage to showcase their genius.

That’s why local designer Gurdip Kaur Daw Jaspal Singh of Gypsykorn Atelier from Penang has chosen to represent Malaysia after winning the Best Fashion Designer of 2023 award at New York Couture Fashion. It’s amazing to know that you’ll be competing in the Big Apple in New York City on Saturday, February 25th in Malaysia.

In an interview with WORLD OF BUZZ, Gardip talked a little about her journey to building a collection that has brought her big wins, and what she’s most looking forward to in New York.

From left: Kristina Barskaya, Sherry Rashid, Gurdip Kaur (designer of Gypsicorn Atelier), Marveen Kaul, Rinisha Kaul, Kash Brar.

Our brand tagline is ‘Dare to be different’ and supporting this is something I think is very important. Staying true to this fact is GypsyKorn’s unique selling point, with every costume built like armor in the sense that every costume is modular, so to speak. ”

Collection “Punkature – An Ode to Queen “V””

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“Inspired by the era named after Queen Victoria, the Industrial Revolution, and an homage to Vivienne Westwood, also known as the ‘Queen of Punk,’ and the late Alexander McQueen, this collection draws inspiration from the aforementioned punk culture. It’s a combination of all the elements. It’s a fusion of historical figures, steampunk aesthetics, metal spike studs, and leather,” Gardip said.

And for her, fashion is also about being environmentally friendly.

D3 model Nycfw

D1 model Nycfw

“In a move towards sustainability, the leather used in this collection is made from discarded clothing that has been stripped and disassembled, giving it new life. We would like to thank Lifeline Clothing Malaysia for their support.”

“The values ​​of Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen inspired me to challenge conformity and create a revolution through fashion,” she explained.

It was my dream to win the Best Designer Award!

B Best Designer Award Nycfw

“the That’s completely unbelievable to me! I was shocked, but grateful to the community and the judges, and so happy to finally be recognized by the fashion world. ”

It was a terrifying experience for me to stand on stage among other senior designers. I didn’t consider this a contest. Instead, I wanted to make a statement about what my brand is and who I am. That was all that was going through my head as a young designer just entering the industry. ” she said. She added that she wanted to make her parents proud of her.

But it wasn’t an easy journey for her.

D4 model Nycfw

D2 model Nycfw

Because of my tattoos and piercings, I have had to deal with stereotypes about my appearance from the community, and I have carried that burden on my shoulders for a long time. ”

“I want all other designers on a similar journey to know that dreams can come true if you never give up and put your mind to it,” she added.

I have dressed various artists in the local music industry. Marcusa Lind will appear in Northern Music Festival 2022, Late Night Frequency at Anugela Indie Music 2023, and KVEN DAVÉ Fantasy music video, which she is also looking forward to Current project: 6-piece collection in collaboration with Sekumpulan Orang Gila, Malaysian modern rock band.

Kuben Dave

Frequency of late nights

And alongside this new project, she will be heading to New York for Couture Fashion Week in February 2024.

“As an independent designer from Malaysia, I want to show that creativity in my home country is not limited to just big brands. Here in my country, we have fashion designers, musicians, artists, etc. , we believe there is a lot of talent out there that deserves to be seen and noticed.”

“Winning this opportunity will not only be a chance for me to express my creativity, but also an opportunity to inspire other struggling independent designers. believeIt is difficult to rely on compared to having a team of professionals, but with hard work and determination, it can be accomplished. I want to start a revolution in Malaysia and encourage others to put themselves out there shamelessly and not worry about what others think,” Gurdip said.

Marcusa Lind

Gurdip shares the idea that Malaysia may be a traditional country in some ways, but one must be bold to be recognized overseas.

“Although Malaysia is known as a conservative country, I believe that we should always think outside the box and strive to be internationally recognized. It would be great for me if I could get this opportunity.” It will not only be an international platform but also a positive representation of Malaysia.”

“Like me, I want to inspire people in the country to come out of their shells and unleash their talents.”

I really can’t wait to see Gardip and Gypsy Corn’s Atelier kick off in New York!

Gardip is currently looking for someone to sponsor a trip to New York, so if you’re interested, please contact her via: Gypsy Corn Atelier Facebook Page.

To learn more about Gurdip’s journey to the Big Apple and marvel at her stunning designs, follow GypsyKorn Atelier. here.

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