Meraku partners with Ministry of Youth and Sports to propel Malaysia towards excellence in robotics
  • MoU aims to strengthen youth drone training partnership
  • Supports government’s efforts to make Malaysia a robot hub by 2030

Meraque Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports, demonstrating its commitment to empower Malaysian youth with education and skills training in robotics and drone solutions.

The robotic solutions company said in a statement that the MoU will strengthen the partnership for youth skill development in drone training workshops and the use of facilities across all branches of the Latihan Kemahiran Beria Negara Institute.

Merak Academy is a joint initiative between Malaysia Airlines Youth Club, Malaysian Youth Council and Tenggara Parliamentary Coordination Office in collaboration with the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The Academy aims to create a robust learning environment to foster both interest and professional development, emphasizing exposure to the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)/drone industry and community engagement. We welcome participants without specific prerequisites and offer programs designed to instill interest and facilitate the advancement of his level of career.

Meraque Academy’s curriculum features a variety of courses ranging from two days to a full year, covering classroom and on-site training in areas such as Remote Pilot Proficiency Certificate Fundamentals, Beyond Borders, and more.Meraku partners with Ministry of Youth and Sports to propel Malaysia towards excellence in roboticsght, Agriculture, Specific Occupational Risk Assessment (SORA), School Curriculum, Summer Camp Programs, Corporate Events.

Suria Affandi (photograph)Merak Chief Operating Officer shared that the signing of the MoU is an important milestone for Merak and is an all-out effort by the government to drive Malaysia towards becoming a regional hub for robotics by 2030. .

“This joint initiative embodies our commitment to uplift the next generation of Malaysian youth through state-of-the-art robotics education. Merak Academy aims to reach out to Malaysians with an interest in robotics, regardless of their prior knowledge. As a haven for the youth, we will be a dynamic catalyst in realizing the goals of Malaysia’s drone industry. Our unique course syllabus is meticulously designed to not only teach, but also instill a deep awareness of the field. It has been designed with care,” she added.

What makes Meraku Academy unique is the opportunity for guaranteed employment upon successful completion of the course, which provides tangible benefits and incentives for active participation in the Academy’s programs.

To increase employability after graduation, the Academy offers the OnJobTraining program, which enables trainees to apply the acquired skills and knowledge in real-world scenarios. Our commitment to continuous training ensures that our graduates are well prepared for a variety of professional challenges and changing market demands and trends.

Meraku Academy is open to students and professionals of all ages, with a focus on providing opportunities and employment for underprivileged youth. Courses are delivered by professionally qualified trainers and instructors, including industry experts, providing a comprehensive educational experience.

“We aim to develop these students into skilled professionals who will contribute to Malaysia’s technological strength. Meraque Academy will develop a workforce that is aligned with the goals of the National Robotics Roadmap. Together, we are actively shaping a high-tech Malaysia where robotics is at the heart of services, agriculture and manufacturing, driving us towards international recognition as a technology leader,” added Suria. Ta.

Underscoring Meraku’s dedication to meeting the demands of the agricultural sector, the academy’s training includes skill sets relevant to palm oil plantations and other broader agricultural industries. This is in line with Merak’s commitment to developing expertise in industries important to Malaysia’s economic landscape.

Looking to the future, the Academy envisions expanding globally, exploring new trends and areas of expertise such as self-driving cars and machine learning. The company emphasizes that its long-term vision is aligned with providing cutting-edge robotics education internationally.

Interested students, parents, and the general public can obtain more information about Meraque Academy at:

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