Ministry of Trade opens Nusantara Fashion House in Malaysia

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Trade has continued its efforts to continue its groundbreaking efforts to improve Indonesia’s fashion exports with the soft launch of Nusantara Fashion House at Strand Mall in Malaysia.

This initiative will continue to be expanded to promote Indonesian Muslim fashion in Southeast Asia and the world.

“We are grateful to the Futurist Foundation for its dedication to observing the Malaysian fashion market,” the ministry’s Director-General Sushant said in a written statement on Saturday.

“The ministry and other stakeholders in Indonesia are helping ensure the success of Nusantara Fashion House, not only during its initial launch, but also in its development and continuation.” added.

Nusantara Fashion House is a follow-up to the trade commitments signed at Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week during Trade Expo Indonesia 2022.

Spread over an area of ​​700 square meters, the facility will open up new opportunities for fashion products to enter Malaysia.

According to Didi Sumedi, the ministry’s national export development director, the quality of Indonesian Muslim fashion is good enough to capture markets in Malaysia and the rest of the world.

Nusantara Fashion House will showcase a wider range of products, including beauty products and crafts.

It was established to improve Indonesia’s exports to Malaysia, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

“In recent years, the ministry has been supporting the development of fashion through an ecosystem approach, including the textile industry, academics, designer fashion and brands,” he said.

“It is hoped that this approach will create a sustainable fashion industry,” he added.

Another initiative undertaken by the Ministry is participation in fashion weeks at the international level.

Sumedi announced that seven Indonesian fashion brands will participate in New York Fashion Week and will participate in Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week in the near future.

Nusantara Fashion House currently houses over 60 Indonesian brands ranging from fashion, accessories, handicrafts, footwear and coffee to the traditional Indonesian drink Jamu.

Sheikh Falay bin Sheikh Mansour, one of the founders of the Futurist Foundation, has been familiar with Indonesian products since he was 19 years old and believes there are still many products from Indonesian small and medium-sized enterprises that can enter Malaysia. He said he is doing so.

He added that he traveled to many parts of Indonesia, including not only the big cities but also cities such as Sragen and Gorontalo, which produce high-quality products.

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