PIKOM and ESGAM promote ESG best practices in Malaysia’s technology sector
  • Run joint campaigns to inspire sustainable business thinking
  • Identify and support research projects related to ESG in the technology sector

The ESG Association of Malaysia (ESGAM) and the National Institute of Technology Malaysia (PIKOM) have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote ESG best practices in the technology industry, with ESGAM represented by Chairman Chea Kok Hung and PIKOM Chairman Ong Jin Sung served as the representative. A ceremony held in Kuala Lumpur recently. Mr. Chia is a former chairman of Picom.

The memorandum outlines four key areas of cooperation between the two organizations.

  • Collaborate to increase awareness and understanding of issues related to ESG principles and sustainable practices. This collaboration includes Responsible and Sustainable Business with Picom’s various chapters and committees such as GBS Malaysia, Cybersecurity, CIO, E-commerce, Venture Investment, Women in Technology, Space Tech Malaysia, ESG Committee, Picom Academy, etc. It may include joint initiatives aimed at promoting the practice. .

  • Improve the skill level of each member or stakeholder in the ESG field. This may include sharing best practices, providing training sessions, and facilitating knowledge transfer between experts and practitioners.

  • Benchmark each member or stakeholder based on industry standards in ESG practices. This is done by identifying key performance indicators and indicators to assess progress and align with internationally recognized sustainability benchmarks. The organizations will also share best practices and lessons learned regarding ESG implementation.

  • Conduct joint events for research activities. This facilitates the exchange of ideas, experiences and research results to positively impact the wider community. These organizations will also work together to identify and support his research projects on ESG in the technology industry.

“Our collaboration with PIKOM represents a significant step forward towards raising awareness and understanding of ESG principles. Through joint educational campaigns and initiatives, we are working to increase sustainable development across diverse sectors, especially Malaysian SMEs. We aim to arouse a business mindset,” said Mr Chia.

Pikom’s Ong said: “The technology industry has a huge role to play in addressing climate change and other environmental issues. This memorandum will help raise awareness of these issues and enable the technology industry to take action. Helpful. We have to break out of the corporate mindset of what’s important to our future. Is it corporate profits or our next generation? Now is the time to act.”

Both parties believe that the partnership will be an important step forward in efforts to promote ESG in Malaysia’s technology industry to create a better future.

ESGAM was established at the end of 2022.

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