MTMA asks Malaysian textile manufacturers to cooperate with China
Malaysian Textile Manufacturers Association (MTMA) chairman Datuk Seri Tan Tian Poh recently urged domestic textile industry stakeholders to collaborate with Chinese manufacturers to digitize and automate production processes and systems to improve productivity. He encouraged them to raise their prices and increase profits.

He said the domestic textile industry had been “stagnant” as it was perceived to be labor-intensive, but was now moving towards automation.

Speaking at a press conference at the China Textile City Overseas Mini Fair, Po said Malaysia should adopt a productivity-based system, where manufacturers pay employees based on their productivity, similar to what is practiced in China. he said.

Malaysian Textile Industry Association chairman Datuk Seri Tan Tian Por urged domestic textile manufacturers to work with Chinese companies to digitize and automate their production processes and systems to increase productivity and increase profits. I asked for it. He said Malaysia should adopt a system where manufacturers pay workers based on their productivity.

He was quoted in a Malaysian newspaper as saying that while the country is calling for an increase in the minimum wage, the issue of productivity levels needs to be addressed as low productivity levels can have a negative impact on competitiveness. I told you.

He said the main disadvantage for Malaysia was not the cost of labor, but the availability of labor. While the supply of foreign workers can only provide a short- to medium-term solution, it is not sustainable in the long term for local businesses to depend on the government for a continuous supply of foreign workers.

He added that Malaysia should focus on branding and retail, especially online retail.

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