Watch: Record script of 211 shots of badminton rally in crazy Malaysia Masters

The crowd was on its feet as Malaysia’s Parley Tan and Teena Muralitharan scored crucial points in spectacular fashion during the women’s doubles quarter-finals of the ongoing Malaysia Masters 2023 on Thursday. Ms. Tan fell to her knees in disbelief, and Mr. Muralitharan threw his racket in the air.

Malaysia’s Parley Tan and Tinar Muralitharan scored points with a record rally.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Ayako Sakuramoto failed to connect and fell to the ground, requiring her teammate Rene Miyaura to process the situation. The rally took place in the third game, with both teams having won one game each, with scores 21-17, 18-21 and 16-14 in favor of Malaysia.

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Tan took the lead in the final game, which began a nerve-wracking rally, and flourished as the crowd witnessed this historic moment. Both pairs showed world-class technique, athleticism and resilience, but Tan, who was visibly tired, hit a well-feigned drop shot that Sakuramoto missed.

Tan and Muralitharan ultimately won 21-17, 18-21, 21-19. The rally, which took 211 shots, is considered the longest in competitive badminton history. Also, at last year’s Korean Open, 195 shots were taken in the women’s doubles match, which the BWF recognized as a record.

Video of the record-breaking rally is below.

Here are the reactions:

After the match, Tan pointed out that their mental strength helped them win the points. “We knew we were tired, and so was our opponent,” she said.

“We prepared very well mentally because we wanted to win that shot in our hearts. I’m very happy to get the points,” she further added.

On the other hand, Muralitharan said, “Winning the rally felt like winning a match. I also felt like I survived the rally and won.”

“I was too excited that it was finally over because I was exhausted and wanted it to be over quickly. When it was over, I really needed a break, so retrieving my racket from the ground gave me some time to rest. I was able to do it, so I threw the racket.” ”

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