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A new sport hits the scene

Publication date: Saturday, December 16, 2023

Author: Gini Juanis

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Members of Sapa and KKPA take a group photo during the competition.

Kota Kinabalu: The game’s tagline is “Pickleball is the game we choose, the lifestyle we need,” and we hope the general public will learn about this new sport and get involved in the city. Masu. Pickleball, which was only started in Sabah three years ago, is considered a new sport, but it is a great sport for those looking for a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Sabah Pickleball Association (Sapa) and the Kota Kinabalu Pickleball Association (KKPA) jointly held their first tournament last week on December 10 at the Likas Sports Complex. This sport, similar to tennis and table tennis (ping pong), was held in three categories. There were men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles, and over 50 participants gathered. There were no age categories, people from ages 12 to 72 participated, and the winners were given cash prizes and trophies. The men’s doubles winners were Agustin Ho and Azmani Akbar. Zulkifli Awan and Daron Mohd Shafiz. Helly Leung Kim Seng and Roger Lim.

Winnie Tan and Karen Lee won the women’s doubles award. Julita Akabar and Nurfarhana Sulaman. Josephine Robert and Tatiana Guancin. The winners of the mixed doubles category were Tatiana Guancin and Desmond Guancin. Julita Akbar and Zulkiflei Awan. Michelle Liu and Alan Lind.

Sapa president Julita Acabar said the tournament was held with the aim of breaking the status quo and gaining experience. “More than 50 people participated, which was a good start for this new sport. Not many people here know about this game, so it’s considered new.” , we were able to create strong competition and battle,” she added. Julita says her association will continue to hold tournaments to promote the sport to the general public. She said both Sapa and KKPA are planning further activities aimed at spreading pickleball to schools and local universities. “Pickleball has been the fastest growing sport in Sabah over the past three years. It is tennis and table tennis with a dash of squash skills,” she added, adding that pickleball can be played by two or four players ( Doubles) is a racket or paddle sport in which a hollow ball is hit with a paddle. Players compete over the net until one player can no longer return the ball, and a winner is determined. It is similar to tennis, except that pickleball is played on a small court. “If you are interested in this game, please join our group every Sunday at the Likas Sports Complex. There will be coaching and introduction for beginners from 2pm to 4pm. “Pickleball “It’s a sport with a short learning curve. Players can easily pick up and play the sport after an hour or two of lessons. It doesn’t require wild jumps, wild smashes or intense running,” she said.

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