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Previously, the nasi lemak burger took Singapore by storm and left a bitter taste in the mouths of Malaysia’s neighbors.

Because even though nasi lemak can be done in different styles and has been improvised in different ways in Singapore and Malaysia, the question of who did it first and who does it better remains Because it is often discussed.


Naciremak dress winner

But with one dress in this contest, Malaysians are probably hoping to tip the scales of “which country loves nasi lemak more” in their favor.

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The Nasi Lemak dress was unveiled today (October 31) as part of a lineup preview, showing the dress Malaysian Miss Universe contestant Samantha Katie James will wear during the actual pageant.

James wears a delicious looking dress in the national costume section of the competition.


The Nasi Lemak dress was designed by Malaysian fashion designer Brian Khoo, who runs a luxury women’s clothing brand of the same name.

his website describe his style “Sophisticated yet provocative, it challenges classic style while combining visually dramatic concepts.”

He also shared a preview of the Nasi Lemak dress a few days before its release, posting two cryptic photos of banana leaf feathers and the “sambal” part (ruby beads) that make up James’ dress.


Netizens were definitely surprised.

Of course, our neighbors thought of things like this for us.

Well, at least you ate the nasi lemak burger, right?

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