Pharrell to headline Paris Fashion Week
Last year, Louis Vuitton hired Pharrell Williams as its new creative director and sales reached 20 billion euros. (AFP photo)

PARIS: Fashion season kicks into high gear with Menswear Week in Paris on Tuesday. Musician-turned-designer Pharrell Williams has become a mainstay in an industry increasingly dominated by celebrities.

In the age of TikTok, trends move at lightning speed, but brands are hoping that in 2023 there will be a few concepts that will garner as much attention as “quiet luxury” and “1990s nostalgia.” Dew.

Louis Vuitton is betting on raw celebrity talent to stay on top, with Pharrell as its new creative director and last year becoming the first brand to reach 20 billion euros in revenue.

The hip-hop star made his second appearance at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday, making his debut last summer when he took over the entire Pont Neuf, painting it gold and filling it with A-listers including Jay-Z, who performed after the show. Performed for the second time. .

Events like this are guaranteed to flood social media with brand-building images, and in many ways are more important than high-end branded clothing.

This time, his show will take place on an amusement park ride at the Jardin d’Acclimatation in western Paris, and will likely feature the brand’s newest celebrity ambassador, basketball player LeBron James.

Other brands are also racing to catch up, with several big-name designers recently pulling out in the fierce competition for profits.

Givenchy parted ways with men’s wear chief Matthew Williams earlier this month, but his replacement has not yet been announced. Gucci, Chloe and Alexander McQueen hired new creative directors last year.

There are few major changes to this week’s lineup, but Balmain returns to its menswear show for the first time in several years.

Some labels have chosen to be removed from the official calendar, with Saint Laurent, Celine and Jacquemus in particular holding shows in Provence on January 29th.

However, 42 brands will hold runway shows during Menswear Week, and an additional 32 brands will hold presentations of new collections.

The pace is relentless. After menswear comes Haute Couture week, which features the most extravagant bespoke outfits.

Having already passed through Milan, the fashion caravan will move to Miami, Copenhagen, New York and London before returning to Milan and Paris for womenswear shows in February.

Vanity Fair fashion expert Pierre Groppo said the French capital “remains the home of fashion,” with big-name brands such as Chanel, Dior and Hermès still dominating global trends, with (slightly) ) said there are also brands that are affordable yet high quality. Labels like AMI and his Office Generale.

Big brands are more than just clothing manufacturers, he added. Their shows are “cultural messengers…they are entertainment broadcasters” at the intersection of fashion, music and celebrity.

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