askST: What should I do if I have an accident while traveling by bus to Malaysia?

Q: Can I call an ambulance to take me from Malaysia to Singapore for treatment?

answer: yes. Some public hospitals, such as the Singapore General Hospital, offer emergency evacuation services overseas. This is part of our patient liaison service.

Air, sea and land routes will be used for emergency evacuation of patients wishing to be transported to Singapore. This depends on the patient’s injury and location.

According to Medlink Healthcare Group (MHG), if a patient wishes to be transported to Singapore for treatment, they will be able to travel across the Causeway only if they are deemed clinically stable by medical professionals. A private ambulance service will be provided.

“(However) the risks associated with cross-border transportation may outweigh the potential benefits, and alternative medical treatments are recommended,” an MHG spokesperson said, adding that some patients may be concerned about insurance coverage or practical He added that patients may still choose to undergo treatment in Singapore for reasons such as legal considerations. If you are in a coma for a long period of time.

Costs vary depending on factors such as distance, equipment needed, and type of medical personnel on board. Most trips range in price from $800 to $3,500.

Other private ambulance providers include Goodwill Ambulance Services and First Ambulance & Healthcare.

Q: I don’t have travel insurance. If the bus I am traveling in Malaysia is involved in an accident, can I claim compensation?

answer: Even if bus accident victims do not have travel insurance, they may be able to make a claim against the bus driver or the company that owns the bus, says Karuppan Chettiar & Partners. said Renuka Chettiar, advocate and partner.

If the company owning the bus is based in Singapore, the case may be heard in the District Court.

Ms Renuka said the coach was insured against third party risks and the passengers would be able to claim compensation through their insurance company.

Q: If I want to make a claim, do I need proof or evidence?

answer: If an accident occurs and you believe it was the result of a driver driving a bus in a dangerous manner, it is best to take legal advice when trying to claim compensation, says Peter. says Elaine Law, Associate Director at Law Chambers.

“Singaporean travelers can seek free advice from a (local) legal clinic on next steps, including the options available to them to seek such damages,” she added. .

If an accident results in personal injury, Roe recommends that victims consider filing a claim against the appropriate parties through a court process where damages can be assessed.

However, compensation claims against drivers may take a long time.

New Hsin Yu, senior advocate at Malaysian law firm Amerbon, said that if a horse-drawn carriage accident occurred in Malaysia and the horse-drawn carriage was operated by a Malaysian operator, court proceedings related to the victims would be carried out in the same country. He said that he would be killed.

“First, based on the police investigation, the prosecution needs to present its findings and evidence regarding the accident,” he said. He added that it can sometimes take a year or more to make such a claim.

He added that in order for accident victims to make a claim, they will need a police report produced by the accident.

Ms. Renuka, advocate for Karuppan Chettiar & Partners, pointed out that most vehicles are now fitted with on-board cameras, adding: Please be helpful. ”

Mark Chen, a personal injury and dispute resolution attorney at PKWA, says it’s best to seek medical attention after an accident. This can help support insurance claims.

Chen also pointed out that the injuries are not necessarily only physical.

“Road accidents can sometimes cause (psychological damage) to victims, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, and medical evidence should actually be provided to support such claims,” ​​he said. said.

It is therefore advisable for anyone who feels that the accident has affected their psychological health to seek a professional evaluation.

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