As Paris 2024 approaches, rookie Ng Tse Yong is learning on the fly on the Badminton World Tour

Ng Tze-yong’s review of the 2023 season so far

Ng has been competing extensively in 2023, knowing that this season is also the year to qualify for the Olympics with ranking points at stake.

To assist in the quest for these ranking points, Ng was added to the Malaysian Olympic Council membership. road to gold program.

“They provide us with the best support staff,” Ng explains. “It’s like recovering after a game and being able to play 100 percent the next day.”

For those who participate in different tournaments almost every week, this is very necessary. Especially if you’re learning as you go, like Ng.

“This is my first year playing all the big tournaments,” he points out. “I still have to be more consistent. You can beat the top players, but the next day you lose.

“Performances are different every day. You have to deal with pressure as well. I don’t think I beat the top players today, but tomorrow I can beat him too.”

Ng says while working. Maintaining mental health and concentration In training – improve your abilities physicality Another point he mentions is finding time to practice.

“I think there are many things like this that can only be learned at competitions.This year is the year when qualification for the Olympics is at stake, so I don’t have much time to practice.”

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