Malaysia Bowl deliberately set wide for Vanuatu to exploit net run rate NRR loophole in ICC Cricket World Cup Challenge match

Malaysia appeared to intentionally bowl wide against Vanuatu in the ICC Cricket World Challenge Playoffs 2024 match. Although the scores for both teams were tied, Mayalusia bowler Vijay Unni decided to take advantage of the net run rate (NRR) loophole as the other team would have had a chance to get by with a better net run rate. used.

Notably, Malaysia, Vanuatu, Bahrain and Tanzania were all in Group B of the ICC Cricket World Cup Challenger Playoffs 20234 match. However, wins against Vanuatu and Malaysia left Bahrain with four points. Meanwhile, Tanzania lost to Malaysia after defeating Vanuatu. This meant that for Vanuatu to stay in contention, they needed to beat Malaysia by a large enough margin that they surpassed Malaysia in net run rate (NRR).

During the match, Malaisa was bowled out for 124, with Joshua Rath emerging as the favorite bowler who finished with figures of 4/31. Malaysian national team player Ahmad Akeel scored 44 points. In response, Vanuatu regularly lost wickets. 57/1, reduced to 113/7. Junior Kartapau and Williamsingh Narisa bagged three wickets to ensure the scores were level with 21 overs remaining.

Here, Mayalusia’s net run rate was -0.734, while Vanuatu remained at -0.798. Had the batsmen hit sixes, Vanuatu’s net run rate would have exceeded Malaysia’s, but bowler Unni hit the ball wide outside, denying Malaysia any chance of breaking through in their net run rate. That meant Malaysia’s net run rate was slightly higher than Vanuatu’s. 0.791.

A seemingly bowling ploy intentionally backfired badly for Malaysia.

However, that tactic did not guarantee Malaysia’s qualification. According to tournament rules, if teams are tied on points, head-to-head is considered to have broken the tie, followed by net run percentage. However, Malaysia could not qualify for the tournament with that tactic. According to the rules of this competition, while teams are tied on points, head-to-head criteria will be taken into account when breaking ties. Only then will the net run rate be taken into account.

Bahrain have already qualified with four points, and Tanzania won this match by 20 points, so they are level with Bahrain on points, and both teams are at the top of the table with four points. , moving forward to the next round. Only one team, Vanuatu and Malaysia, would advance to the next round, and as both teams were tied on points, Vanuatu’s victory over Malaysia allowed them to advance to the next round.

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