DeeStream presale attracts Chainlink, Polkadot, and BNB investors

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In this article, we investigate Chainlink (LINK), Polkadot (DOT), and Binance Coin (BNB) and delve into their market dynamics.

Specifically, we aim to understand the behavior of investments in these cryptocurrencies during prevailing bear markets. Additionally, we strive to streamline the growing investor interest in DeeStream (summer time)Pre-sale.

Chain links become choppy

Chainlink has soared more than 11% over the past week, rising from $17.75 to $19.73.

However, trading volume has fallen by more than 46% in recent days.

With the rise of bearish market sentiment, investors are becoming increasingly cautious and are exploring alternative investment opportunities, primarily DeeStream.

Polkadot investors reduce risk

Polkadot has gained 13% over the past week, rising from $7.33 to $8.31.

Trading volumes have been declining, dropping by more than 40% in recent days.

Recognizing the bearish sentiment prevailing in the market, DOT holders are reducing their risk. Some companies are considering fast-growing alternatives, primarily DeeStream.

BNB is swinging bearishly

BNB rose 9%, rising from $371 to $404.

However, it was not immune to the general bearish trend, with trading volumes declining by almost 30%.

In response to these market trends, many BNB investors are diversifying their portfolios by exploring alternatives.

DeeStream presale attracts attention

DeeStream’s presale attracted investors from Chainlink, Polkadot, and BNB.

As a new decentralized streaming platform, DeeStream empowers token holders through a decentralized governance model.

Streamers can easily join D-stream By simply filling out a simple form and sharing your channel link, fans can enjoy the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies through our rewards program.

In addition, DeeStream features a swap service that allows users to exchange different cryptocurrencies with 0% fees, increasing accessibility and convenience.

Investors have the opportunity to participate in stage 1 of the presale for as little as $0.04, presenting an attractive investment proposition given the platform’s significant growth potential.

Pre-sale investors will also be able to earn a share of platform fees based on their holdings, while token holders actively contribute to key decision-making processes and suggest platform enhancements.

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