Investors predict sharp gains for DeeStream, Kaspa, and BNB

Investors are tracking DeeStream (DST), a decentralized streaming platform. The majority expects DST to rise alongside Kaspa (KAS) and Binance Coin (BNB).

D-stream Leverage blockchain to provide fair revenue sharing and enhance your stream experience.

Pre-sale is underway.

Kaspa is bullish

Despite the current mixed market, InvestorsObserver is bullish on Caspa.

Overall sentiment has improved.

KAS is trading within a range of $0.15-$0.18 due to low trading volume.

BNB soaring

Due to the success of the BNB chain, the BNB price continues to rise.

The rapid growth of the ecosystem, coupled with the rollout of new protocols and network enhancements, is pushing total value locked (TVL) to nearly $5 billion.

So far, the resistance level for BNB is $420.

DeeStream is driving innovation

DeeStream is a decentralized streaming service for creators and viewers.

They can distribute revenue fairly, leave space to make the biggest impression, and gain financial independence from large, proprietary platforms.

of DeeStream Presale in progress. DST is trading at $0.04.

Holders can participate in governance and earn a share of the platform’s revenue from trading fees.

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