Sick Bridge Project is currently nearing completion

Spao: The Sungai Pak Bridge here is scheduled to be completed by August 10 next year.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah said the project was considered a problematic one six months ago because the first contractor had not achieved much and construction was far behind schedule. .

“A salvage contractor was then appointed and work began on May 11 last year, giving it a new lease of life.

“Currently, its implementation is on track and healthy, with the current rate of progress recorded at 15.08 per cent against the planned 14.93 per cent,” said Uggah, Minister of Infrastructure and Port Development.

He visited the site on Sunday, which is close to the town and within the Bukisabang provincial election district.

“This RM36 million project used to be a troubled project, so we are visiting to check the latest progress,” according to a statement from the rescue contractor and the Betong Public Works Department (PWD). We are very happy that construction is progressing very well.

“We hope the contractors can continue to make progress. The weather has been nice lately, so we hope it continues to be good.

“Most of the key construction components have been completed. The main building parts will be assembled in Kuching and transported here for installation,” he said.

“The bridge is scheduled to be completed by August 10, 2025, but I have asked the PWDs to discuss earlier completion with the contractor,” Uggah said.

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