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Introducing AdaStat, the most advanced Cardano (ADA) blockchain explorer created by active members of the Russian-speaking Cardano community. It is an independent alternative to the standard network-developed Explorer. AdaStat allows you to easily explore blocks, transactions, pools, addresses, accounts, epochs, slots, including active epochs, blocks created, staking rewards, and more.

AdaStat’s unique features include a versatile chart maker for custom graphics and robust pool filters to narrow down your pool search based on parameters such as pledge, delegator, and stake size. For more insight into this fascinating explorer, we highly recommend reading the interview with Dmitry Stashenko, co-founder and lead developer of the project.

Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello! First of all, thank you for inviting me. It’s an honor for name is Dmitry Stashenkoand I am the lead developer and co-founder of – Cardano Blockchain Explorer.

Hello, Dmitry!

Connect today to learn more about Adastat Explorer. Can you tell us more about the project and the problem you were working on?

Well, AdaStat was launched at the beginning of the Shelley Incentivized Testnet, when the Cardano community was testing the transition from the Byron era to Shelley. At the time, there were several well-known explorers, but none of them supported the latest Cardano Shelley features such as pools and rewards. At the time, new tools being developed by other community members were primarily intended to support pools. and pool operators, and to a much lesser extent, ordinary ADA holders. I wanted to create a tool primarily for general His ADA holders. I wanted to give users the opportunity to easily choose a pool, get information about rewards, etc. So the idea was born to create the website and his Telegram bot. came into my mind.

What is most important about Adastat?

The most important things about Adastat are its robustness, security, and ease of use. The backend, AdaStat, has a multi-server environment with automatic load balancing and smart network request caching. This allows AdaStat to respond quickly to simultaneous requests from many users without delay. On the front end, AdaStat supports multiple languages ​​and localizations and supports multiple currencies. It is flexible and can adapt to different screen sizes such as mobile phones. All these features are implemented without any user activity tracker.

Why did you decide to launch your project on Cardano?

That’s a very interesting question. Ironically, this happened because the Shelley era was postponed to a later date. I first heard about Cardano back in 2017 when I was researching various crypto projects for investment purposes. I watched some Charlie Hoskinson videos and found them very interesting. I am interested in learning more about Cardano. So I read whitepapers, learned roadmaps, and studied research papers.

This project seemed so reliable to me that I decided to invest some of my savings in it. Of course, at that time there was no idea of ​​creating I hadn’t thought about that at all. And I’m convinced that if Shelley had been introduced in his 2018 as originally planned, would never have emerged. However, Shelley’s deployment was delayed, which actually gave him enough time to thoroughly study the technical part of the Cardano project. So by the time Shelley Testnet was launched in his 2019,

I am already a Cardano Ambassador, engaged in translating articles about Cardano, and became a moderator on several Telegram Cardano channels. Additionally, I actively participated in testing the public testnet and was a member of several private groups conducting initial testing on the private testnet. All of this predetermined the launch of specifically on Cardano.

How does Adastat help foster community participation?

Our team always strives to be on the cutting edge, implementing the latest Cardano features as soon as they arrive on the Cardano network so that ADA holders can start using them as soon as possible. An example of this is his recent SPO voting where voting support between stake pool operators had to be implemented quickly and in a fairly short period of time.

Furthermore, in practice, operators are required to do everything correctly during the voting process to ensure that ADA holders have enough time to check the results and move their stake before the voting process ends as soon as the operator has finished voting. It needed to be done. He was one of only two explorers to do this, and AdaStat was one of them. In this particular example, the work performed can definitely be considered as a contribution to the involvement of pool operators and delegators in the voting process. But it’s worth remembering here that AdaStat is more than just a visual explorer.

AdaStat also has a completely free public API that allows developers to retrieve all the information they need. Additionally, our team has also developed several open source postgresql plugins that support the encryption that Cardano uses internally. This aims to increase the number of developers and their involvement. Also, remember that Explorer is a point of failure. That’s why the ability for users to see data from different sources is so important. Therefore, in a trustless system (actually blockchain) it is very important to have as many different explorers as possible. Furthermore, the increase in products and opportunities within the Cardano ecosystem will in itself influence and increase community engagement.

So, what is your accomplishment so far and what are you most proud of?

Perhaps the most significant accomplishment to date is the release of AdaStat version 2 in September 2022. Thanks to an early user and his feedback in 2022, AdaStat has been rewritten from scratch to give us the current view. It has become more and more convenient. It has support for all the latest Cardano features, which has a huge impact on the number of people using AdaStat. The number has grown more than 100 times compared to version 1, and we are proud that we were able to create a product that can be used by so many people.

What sets Adastat apart from other explorers in the Cardano ecosystem and makes it an attractive choice for users?

When developing AdaStat, we focused primarily on ease of use. Displaying large amounts of data can be difficult due to limited screen size. This is especially true for mobile devices.

According to user reviews, AdaStat fully supports this. The second most important thing for us during development was that the user’s personal data is not allowed to be used and the complete absence of advertising. AdaStat does not and will not run any third-party advertising or user trackers. Including even the seemingly innocuous Google Analytics. AdaStat does not use cookies at all.

Additionally, AdaStat has some unique features not available in other explorers. For example, a unique chart maker that allows anyone to create the charts they want. Strong pool filters are another example. This allows users to filter pools by all possible parameters, such as pledges, number of delegators, and stake size. All these things make AdaStat Cardano Explorer a good option for users.

What can we expect from Adastat in the future? Are there any new developments on the horizon that will impact both Explorer and the user experience?

Oh, yes, I have a lot planned for the future. This applies to both updating existing functionality and adding new functionality. First, we plan to add support for both Preprod and Preview testnets to AdaStat. Next, make AdaStat open source so anyone can run their own copy of his Cardano explorer. Thirdly, as we all know, the Cardano network is currently preparing to move into the Voltaire era.

Our team also plans to implement support for CIP-1694 in AdaStat. We plan to implement support for governance actions, DREP, voting, and everything else coming in the Voltaire era. It’s a big plan and we hope everything will be implemented smoothly without any delay.

What partnerships have you entered into so far and which has been the most impactful?

AdaStat has worked closely with many projects within the Cardano ecosystem. Therefore, AdaStat has been added as an explorer to many wallets such as Yoroi, Eternl, and Medusa. Famous cryptocurrency data aggregator Coingecko has also added AdaStat as one of his Cardano explorers on the Cardano page. Also, many other community projects and users use his AdStat API to display graphs and other data.

Please tell us about your team. Who are the people behind Adastat?

  • Ruslan Solyanov: (Product Manager, AdaStat Co-Founder)

  • Dmitry Stashenko: (Lead Developer, AdaStat Co-Founder)

  • Tetyana Stashenko: (Project manager, UI/UX designer)

  • Olha Domolnikova: (QA engineer)

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