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Sybarium Scaling: Update 1

Hello, Siberians! As you all know, Shibarimumu is extremely popular and has generated an unexpected level of traffic even by our standards. Throughout the process of expanding our operations to support the large influx of Shibarium users, we will post updates to keep you informed of the progress of the process. This is the first update.

What we know so far

Shibarium instantly received traffic of millions of “computing units” (as posted yesterday). In fact, when we slowly and carefully investigated exactly where the problem occurred, we found that thousands of contract creations and regular transactions were occurring in one block. At this point, Shibarium’s amazing system (which is proud to be a fork of Polygon) has gone into fail-safe mode and shut down to ensure the safety of your funds…and it is. is.

next step

Upon learning of this issue, we collaborated with some powerful friends (with permission and later I asked for the assistance of (you name it). We have identified multiple possible plans of action and will keep you updated as we implement them to launch our blockchain.

The Fad

Normally, I would keep quiet about my disgust, but the fake screenshots posted today have done an incredible amount of damage to our state. And I’m actually surprised that so many news organizations consider fake posts (along with bot activity) to be sources of truth. I am currently investigating the damage caused by such activities and will request X’s assistance in identifying the perpetrators so they can be brought to justice. Attacks on such systems by malicious parties will not be tolerated. Additionally, you should assume that only information from official news outlets is true, and even major media outlets that quote social media can be wrong.

Still not convinced? We stand by our statement that funds “suspended” on the Bridge are safe and, as a result, we have secured the full $2 million refund in case any issues arise after Shibarimumu’s resumption. I chose to insure it.

I will update tomorrow

Tomorrow, I will send another update to let our forces know about the status of Sybarium scaling.

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