McCartney and Serre’s eco-friendly fashion on the runway
Stella McCartney says her designs serve as a “gentle reminder” of the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. (AFP photo)

PARIS: Britain’s Stella McCartney called on the fashion world to “wake up” with a collection that pushed sustainability even further, as her father and Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr watched from the front row.

McCartney gathered an audience in a giant greenhouse in a Parisian park for his winter runway presentation, showing off a collection made from recycled wool, nylon, cotton and polyester under the bright sun.

Images of a melting iceberg appear on the screen, and the soundtrack features Olivia Colman’s voice, meant to represent Mother Earth, asking, “What’s left of me after you?”

Models strutted down the runway in loosely tailored suits with plunging shoulders and low-cut trousers, asymmetrically cut silky dresses, leather-like trench coats made from apple-based materials and wool patches. A huge cape-like coat made of work was paraded.

McCartney said 90 per cent of his costumes are made from “environmentally friendly” materials, and sought solutions such as a white suit made from vegan leather, which is indistinguishable from traditional textiles to the naked eye. he said.

Regarding the fashion industry, she said, “The fashion industry is one of the most toxic industries on the planet and we act like it’s not,” and offered a “polite reminder” and some He pointed out that the purpose is to provide solutions.

The attire was slightly more outlandish than usual, with exaggerated proportions, following the trend of oversized suits. One of her models was Kate Moss’s daughter Lily Moss.

Marine Sale Marketplace

Another environmentally conscious designer, Marine Serres, 32, held her show at Ground Control, a Parisian food hall lined with cafe tables, pizza stands and flower shops.

The French designer, who uses recycled materials as much as possible in her costumes, told AFP she doesn’t like the way major brands build temporary buildings just for 10-minute fashion shows.

“I like to find places that already have vibrations and energy. Most of the time, when I do a show, I’m just in a box, but I’m against that,” she told reporters backstage. He told the group.

Her models, ranging from older women to tiny babies, were dressed in white dresses and baby carrier combinations, screen-printed with Sale’s signature crescent moon.

Other styles included the transparent black dresses seen everywhere this season, but worn over sportswear rather than skimpy pants.

In the wake of the 2017 LVMH Award, the young designer has found a niche with his upcycled aesthetic and a mix of styles that combine sportswear and haute couture.

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