Malaysia can escape the middle-income trap if industry explores cutting-edge science and technology

KUALA LUMPUR (March 6): If Malaysia’s industries, including agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare, start exploring frontier science and technology areas, the country can move up the value chain and at the same time become a middle-income group. You will be able to escape from the chain of traps. .

However, Economy Minister Mohd Rafizi Ramli said this strategic shift requires significant reforms to foster the ecosystem and create opportunities, and said that this strategic shift would require significant reforms to foster the ecosystem and create opportunities. He emphasized that the first step would be the announcement of a blueprint for the future. correct direction.

The minister said in November last year that the Malaysian government plans to establish Malaysia as a regional hub for artificial intelligence, besides building an ecosystem for startups interested in artificial intelligence technology, which will be seen in the KL20 blueprint. He said it will be announced with a photo.

Meanwhile, in his keynote speech on Wednesday at the 2nd China-Malaysia Science, Technology and Innovation Summit, entitled “Promoting Collaborative Innovation, Building a Future Together”, Rafizi highlighted Malaysia as an ideal testing ground for China’s high-end technologies. emphasized.

“Malaysia is a powerhouse in outsourced semiconductor assembly and testing, with an approximately 13% share of the global market.

“With such an extensive back-end base, Malaysia is an ideal testbed for China’s high-end technology. This is an industry that is poised for commercial expansion in the form of advances in integrated circuit design,” he added. .

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