Miu Miu’s latest movie features an all-female fight club

The beginning of Chui Mui Tan’s new short film – 27th edition Mew MewWomen’s Tales series – Gita is trained, but she doesn’t know for what purpose.as I am the beauty of your beauty, I am the fear of your fear As the story progresses, we learn that Gita leaves her native China for Malaysia and, after a bereavement at home, joins a sisterhood of martial artists committed to improving her physical abilities. Elsewhere, Gita befriends an Indian flower seller who teaches her about the ancient myth of Kali, the goddess of time, destruction, death, and change. Her film culminates with Geeta participating in a “fight night” barehanded, and without spoiling her ending, she decides to turn her own sadness into impossible glory. success.

According to Mui Tan, i am beauty The story is about a Chinese girl who came to Malaysia to find herself, but that search can only be done within herself. It may sound straightforward, but Mui Tan weaves the story with emotional skill that belies her simple explanation. Throughout, the film explores what “self-defense” means for women, not only physically but also mentally. “By wrestling with what we fear most, we find our inner strength and find our own beauty,” the director explained. Click below to watch the entire movie.

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