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Sports Commissioner detonates bomb plan to hold Commonwealth Games

Publication date: Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Author: FMT, Frankie D. Cruz

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Suhardi Alias ​​wants Malaysia to withdraw its plans to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games. (Bernama photo)

Petaling Jaya: Sports Commissioner Suhardi Alias ​​has criticized Malaysia’s bold proposal to rescue the Commonwealth Games by hosting the 2026 Games at short notice. He said the Olympic Council of Malaysia’s (OCM) plan was shocking, financially risky and short-sighted.

Mr Suhardi, the first Malaysian top civil servant to oppose the move led by OCM President Norza Zakaria, said he was against wasting public funds for unsound purposes. “Why do we want to be the saviors of the Olympics when Victoria has given up on them and no one wants that?” he said. Minister for Youth and Sports Hannah Yeo said last week that the cabinet would take a decision on the matter soon. Yesterday, Norza announced that the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) had offered Malaysia the opportunity to host the Olympics on behalf of the Australian state of Victoria.

The offer includes an investment of £100 million (RM602 million) to support local delivery of events and legacy planning. Suhardi pointed out that Victoria’s decision was simply because the cost of hosting the event had ballooned beyond expectations, with the government saying costs could reach A$7 billion (RM21 billion).

Kuala Lumpur was one of the original bidders for the 2026 Games, along with Cardiff, Calgary, Edmonton and Adelaide, but withdrew over cost concerns. Suhardi said: “If Victoria had to pay A$380 million to CGF for breach of contract, how much would Malaysia have to pay if they decided not to host the matches after signing the contract? Is that so?” he asked. “A$380 million is more than RM1 billion. Is it worth it? Mr. Suhardi said that when Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) turned down the offer to host the Thomas Cup and Uber Cup in 2026, many “Commonwealth Games,” he said. Norza He is the Chairman of BAM and Malaysian Federal Gaming Association.
About money and athletes
Suhardi said the idea of ​​Malaysia hosting a second Commonwealth Games should be treated with caution. He questioned whether the government had enough time to consider the financial implications of the quadrennial Games, which are just two years away, and the SEA Games to be held in Kuala Lumpur next year. “We must also consider the fate of Birmingham City Council, which hosted the last Commonwealth Games.” The company ignored this and was declared bankrupt last year.” Suhardi pointed to the challenges Malaysia faces in the future, including the construction of a new tournament village for athletes and other new infrastructure, as well as the need to strengthen security. He said that as well as the preparation and performance of Malaysian athletes, public opinion and expectations were equally important. “Given the fact that there are difficulties in completing the accounts for the 1998 Commonwealth Games (Sukom 98) and the 2017 SEA Games, the government must be sensitive to public opinion. If you need to gather public opinion in a city hall before making a decision, that’s better.”The Yang di-Pertuan Agong urges the government to be careful with spending. He reiterated that Malaysia has had a budget deficit since 1998. “So, is this a coincidence or is it an afterthought after the Games?” Will Malaysian athletes perform well at the 2026 Olympics? When asked if he had had enough time, he replied, “After six years of preparation, we won 10 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 12 bronze medals in 1998.” “Can we break that record in less than two years?”

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