China prefers to shut down TikTok platform rather than force sale to American investors

According to US media reports, authorities prefer to shut down the social networking platform Tik Tok in the US rather than forcing it to be sold to US investors.

The Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources, that representatives of Chinese authorities sent a letter to TikTok’s owners saying that the Chinese government “would rather tolerate a U.S. ban than sell the app.” I hope so.”

The paper noted that the United States is the largest market for the “Tik Tok” social networking network, with about 170 million users of the platform.

He added that the TikTok platform’s U.S. sales price could exceed $100 billion.

Analysts say the company’s efforts to attract American companies and users to the social network could complicate the process of banning Tik Tok in the United States.

It is noteworthy that in February, the campaign headquarters of US President Joe Biden created an account on this social network.

Earlier, official representative of China’s Ministry of Commerce He Yadong said that regarding the US intention to ban “TikTok”, Chinese authorities will take necessary response measures.

He Yadong stressed that the United States should end “undue pressure” on foreign companies and provide “an open, fair, impartial and non-discriminatory environment for companies from all countries that invest and do business in the United States.” did.

Last Wednesday, the US House of Representatives endorsed a bill that could ban the Tik Tok application, with lawmakers ordering Chinese operator ByteDance to market the social network, otherwise known as Tik Tok. We are proposing to give them six months to do so. It may be banned in America.

Congress also proposed introducing similar restrictions on “adversary-controlled applications” in the future.

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