Sports Analyst: How proud would we be if only 10 sports hosted the Commonwealth Games in Malaysia?

KUALA LUMPUR, March 19 — The issue of Malaysia being proposed to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games has intensified with various parties expressing differing opinions, leading to the latest questions. ing. The question is, “If Malaysia cuts the participation fee, what kind of pride will there be in hosting the Commonwealth Games?” How to reduce the number of sports to 10?

Local sports analyst Datuk Pekan Ramli said the proposal to scale down the sports extravaganza would be seen as lowering the standards of Malaysia’s second-biggest event after the Olympics, which is also held every four years. It feels unrealistic.

It would be troubling for Malaysia to require such preconditions to accept this proposal to ensure that this proposal does not please the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF).

“What level are the (Commonwealth) Games at? Even the SEA Games (assuming they are scaled back to 10 and accepted) will have more competitions for their hosting purposes, but (But) if we want to protect our country’s image.” We need to meet the CGF’s demands, but I don’t think the CGF will agree to 10 sports unless Malaysia insists, which is not a very favorable option.

“…And I don’t think the proposal[to reduce events]is realistic, because if you want to reduce the 20 events that will be held in Birmingham in 2022 to 17 or 18[in Malaysia]; That’s acceptable, but if you only have 10 or 11, it’s not realistic.” “It’s not up to the level of the Commonwealth Games. I will look at this negatively if I am definitely ready (to compete) in the 17, 18 competitions,” he told Bernama today.

Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) Secretary-General Datuk Mohd Nazfuddin Najib yesterday said the Commonwealth Games will be held on a smaller scale, with the number of sports reduced to 10 and the grand opening and closing ceremonies omitted. He suggested that it is possible to do so. Build new facilities and sports villages to significantly reduce organizational costs.

Pekan also said that even if Malaysia turns down the hosting job, Malaysia’s reputation will not be harmed, based on the strong rationale of uncertain economic conditions and limited time to make maximum preparations. I feel that there is not.

He said Malaysia, with its own name as the host country, must adhere to the principle of “taking it easy because it’s safe” while also having to “measure the clothes you wear on your body” (“make decisions based on your own circumstances”). He said that there is. The second time will be in the future when you are really ready.

“The CGF is not just offering to us, they are also offering to Singapore and other CGF (countries), so there is no real concern (if we reject the offer). “Even if we refuse something,” there are reasons such as the current unstable economic situation and our company’s capacity is not sufficient.

“The CGF is not going to blacklist us or deny (Malaysia) the opportunity to host another Commonwealth Games (in the future). (Later) when we are ready, we will go through the bidding process ( “And) to show that we’re really capable of being (organizers). (Absolutely). It’s not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. That’s not the case,” Pecan said. He also emphasized that the tournament organization should do the same. Strengthen the bond between Malaysians.

Mr Pekan hinted at the possibility of Malaysia co-hosting with Singapore, saying this would require urgent comprehensive discussions with the neighboring countries to see if they wanted to work together to ease the burden on each other. He said that there is.

“This is an opportunity for us. This idea suddenly came up because we didn’t know before that Singapore was also on offer, so (co-hosting) is a good option. Malaysia and Singapore are both burdened. “We can take the risk. We need to discuss this as soon as possible as it is close to being decided by the Cabinet.”

The state of Victoria (Australia), which was scheduled to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games, has seen preparation costs balloon from an initial estimate of A$2.6 billion (approximately 8.09 billion ringgit) to A$7 billion (approximately 21 ringgit). , withdrew in July last year. 78 billion).

The CGF then offered a £100 million (RM602 million) injection to 1998 host Malaysia and other member states to save the quadrennial event.

Minister for Youth and Sports Hannah Yeo has assured that all aspects will be considered in detail at this Friday’s Cabinet meeting before a decision on Malaysia’s bid to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games is finalized.

However, Mr Hanna expects it may take longer to announce a decision if more information is missing when considering the CGF’s proposal. — Bernama

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