Malaysian Football League firmly committed to implementing Financial Fair Play regulations this season

KUALA LUMPUR, March 21 — The Malaysian Football League (MFL) allows any team, including Kedah Darul Aman (KDA) FC and Kuala Lumpur (KL) City FC, to continue competing in the Super League. It was decided not to take the lenient attitude of doing so. have financial problems.

MFL president Datuk Abu Ghani Hassan said they take club salary arrears seriously and have even expelled some teams over these issues.

“Many teams were excluded (ineligible). Sarawak (United FC) and Kelantan FC were excluded to ensure this league remains competitive and respected.”

“FAM (Football Association Malaysia) president Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin said FIFA (world governing body) is monitoring our league over the issue of unpaid salaries.

“The MFL will take certain steps to ensure that this (salary issue) does not worsen. The MFL will also support teams to prevent this from happening or to resolve it immediately,” MFL Media Booker. He said this in a press conference at the Puasa meeting. Yesterday in Petaling Jaya.

The MFL announced in a statement yesterday that the high commitment of both clubs has given it scope to resolve the salary arrears after KL City FC and KDA FC failed to pay 50% of the total salary arrears. The first date of 2023 is March 15th.

Failure to resolve arrears by the second final deadline of March 30 will result in further action. This will result in a deduction of three points for the 2024-2025 Super League season and a fine of RM50,000 in accordance with Article 2.4 of ©License Sanctions. MFL Club License Regulations 2023 Edition.

A club’s license status will also be assessed if it fails to comply with the second final deadline for payment of outstanding salaries and does not have strong financial support to continue competing in the next M-League season.

Abu Ghani said the MFL will introduce Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules from this season to prevent such financial problems from happening again.

The FFP Regulations are a set of rules designed to prevent professional football clubs from spending more than they earn, lest they run into financial problems that could threaten their long-term survival.

“Their sustainability in the league is more important than trying to compete with bigger teams (beyond what they can afford). We will launch our version of FFP this season .

“Previously, we had an ECP (Economic Management Program), but it was completely designed based on foreign models and was not suitable (for us). It was proposed by Regent Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sultan Ibrahim,” and the MFL will implement it based on our version,” Abu Ghani said.

Only 13 teams will participate in the 2024-2025 Super League season, which starts in May, compared to 14 teams in the previous season, as last-place club Kelantan FC was unable to comply with established competition rules due to financial issues. I’ll end up not doing it. — Bernama

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