Malaysian Sports Minister says it is best not to hold the 2026 Commonwealth Games if public funds are needed

Malaysian Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh said on Thursday that the 2026 Commonwealth Games would be held if public funds were needed to host the multi-sport event, after the original host state of Victoria, Australia, withdrew. He said it might be best for the country not to hold the event.

Victoria withdrew from hosting the event last year citing ballooning costs, raising questions about the future of the quadrennial tournament in the largely former British colony and questioning its merits and continued relevance. A question arose.

Global governing body the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has offered Malaysia 100 million pounds ($127.93 million) to help host the Games, Malaysian officials announced on Friday. It was announced that the proposal would be discussed at a cabinet meeting.

The proposal has received mixed reactions, with concerns about cost and lack of preparation time.

The Malaysian Olympic Council this week proposed holding the Games on a smaller scale, with limits on spending on athletes’ accommodation and smaller opening and closing ceremonies.

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Youth and Sports Minister Yeo told parliament on Thursday that if the government agrees to hold the event, his ministry will seek to limit spending to the amount proposed by the CGF, citing the need to protect public funds.

“If taxpayers’ money has to be spent, perhaps the best choice for this government is not to hold the event,” Mr Yeo said. “But this will have to wait until the cabinet makes a decision.”

The ministry added that it would also seek to appoint a regulatory body to audit the Games’ accounts if Malaysia hosts the Games.

Malaysia previously hosted the Olympics in 1998.

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