After Malaysia downplays the 2026 Commonwealth Games, where does the CGF go next?
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The Commonwealth Games will not be held in Malaysia in 2026 after the Southeast Asian country’s government rejected the offer due to cost.

This is a further blow to the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), which had provided Malaysia with £100 million (€116.4 million/$125.9 million) to help host the games there.

The CGF is scrambling to find a venue for 2026 after the Australian state of Victoria withdrew from the event last July due to rising costs.

News of CGF’s funding proposal for Malaysia (Singapore is said to have made a similar offer) was revealed by the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) earlier this month.

It has since been discussed by the government, and after a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, Sports Minister Hannah Yeo said in a statement today (Friday): He has been offered the opportunity to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games by the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF).

“[The offer] It was not expected to cover the entire cost of hosting a major sporting event. The government wants to focus on the development of sports and the welfare of the people. ”

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, previously hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1998, making it the first Asian city to do so.

Norza Zakaria, president of OCM and Commonwealth Games Association of Malaysia, was in favor of accepting the CGF’s proposal, saying: The investment…will build on the success of Kuala Lumpur in 1998 and put Malaysia back on the world sporting map.

“With existing world-class facilities, Malaysia is well-equipped to host a Commonwealth-wide international event involving 74 Commonwealth countries and territories. The spending is necessary and will bring significant socio-economic benefits to this country.”

It remains to be seen where the CGF goes from here, and whether the next tournament can actually be held in 2026 after the new doors to the organization close.

phone calls and emails from sports business Comments on CGF were not returned.

After Victoria’s initial decision on 18 July 2023, the CGF was thrown into turmoil. A month later, the state agreed to pay AU$380 million (€229 million/$247.5 million) in compensation to Commonwealth Games officials.

Proposals have been floated to hold a “streamlined” 2026 Games between the 2018 host Gold Coast and Perth in the country’s west. However, the joint proposal fell apart in December, with Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) chief executive Craig Phillips saying the CGF should “seriously consider” future proposals from overseas. He said that.

The British city of Birmingham hosted the last Commonwealth Games in 2022, but Britain won’t be coming to the rescue this time. UK Sport recently reported that its list of highlights for the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and Men’s World Cup excludes the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Tour de France and Men’s Rugby World Cup.

In fact, Birmingham was chosen to host the Olympics when financial issues with the original 2022 host city, Durban, South Africa, surfaced.

The New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC), which is considering a potential bid for the 2034 Commonwealth Games, has summarily rejected any move to rush plans to 2026.

In November, Chris Jenkins was elected as the CGF’s new president, pledging to “reshape” the Games to allow more countries to host them.

In addition to 2026, the CGF has no plans to host the event in 2030, after the Canadian province of Alberta withdrew support from its only bid for the event in August.

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