Manchester United sign multi-year deal with Malaysia Airlines

Manchester United has entered into a multi-year global partnership with Malaysia Airlines as its new official commercial airline.

Malaysia’s flag carrier will replace Russian airline Aeroflot as the Premier League’s aviation partner.

United severed ties with Aeroflot following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, severing a six-year deal reportedly worth £40m, ending an almost 10-year partnership that began in 2013. .

Details regarding the value and duration of the new contract were not disclosed.

Under the new deal, United and Malaysia Airlines will offer United fans the chance to win hospitality experiences at Old Trafford, business class tickets and customized kit and passes to watch first team training. is provided.

The Red Devils have a large fan base in Malaysia, with three supporter clubs in Malaysia. The Kuala Lumpur branch is one of the club’s largest fan communities.

Malaysia Airlines aims to leverage United Airlines’ 1.1 billion international fan base to expand its global reach.

Victoria Simpson, CEO of Alliances and Partnerships at Manchester United, said: “Manchester United has long-standing and proud links with Malaysia and a history of passionate support from across the country.

“We are thrilled to welcome Malaysia Airlines to our family of partners and look forward to sharing their trusted hospitality service with our fans around the world.”

Isam Ismail, Group Managing Director of Malaysia Airlines Group, added: “Partnering with a globally recognized club like United allows Malaysia Airlines to get in front of large audiences around the world, especially in Europe and South East Asia where United has a large fan base,” Awareness will increase significantly.

“We look forward to the exciting opportunities this collaboration brings and the joy it will bring to football lovers around the world.”

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