Greek communists stop train carrying American tanks and force them to return home

KKE news website reported that party members and members of its youth organization stopped a train carrying American tanks from the port of Alexandroupolis to Bulgaria and forced it to return.

The website states: “Members of the KKE and its youth organization blocked the road in front of the train at Alexandroupolis station. They stood in front of the train with banners and flags and forced the train to stop. . They demanded that it be withdrawn and that the killers of American and NATO forces leave Alexandroupolis and the entire region.”

According to the website, the event was a success and the train was returned to its starting point.

According to the website, the demonstrators chanted patriotic slogans such as “If the people don’t yield, the trains will move backwards” and other slogans against Greece, including the United States, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU). demanded that they stop participating in the war.

The communists declared Alexandroupolis a people’s port and denounced turning the city into a huge NATO base.

Demonstrators accused the Greek government of transferring weapons systems needed to defend the country to the reactionary government of Vladimir Zelenskiy in Ukraine.

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