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British electronic band Depeche Mode and their fans probably wouldn’t have associated their music with something “classical” but HK Ballet has successfully made it into a thrilling world premiere. 

“People are people”, “Enjoy the Silence”, “Strange Love” shouldn’t be a stranger to anyone who is into electronic music. Inspired by these 1980s pieces, choreographer Andonis Foniadakis created this electrifying performance titled “Strange Love”, which is filled with energy and passion.

Against a black backdrop with layers of mist, the 14 dancers dressed in fluorescent colors devote themselves enthusiastically in the performance, similar to an abstract painting with an artist sometimes splashing and sometimes dabbling on a black canvas. Part of the “Rule Breaker” program, the “Strange Love” is a good endeavour of crossover between different art genres.

Prior to the DM-inspired work, William Forsyth’s “In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated”, an unconventional contemporary piece that has shocked the world of ballet, serves as a good transition. Gone is the elegance, the performance gives some techno touch.

Indeed, the audience was prepared to get on a two-hour cutting-edge ballet journey by viewing first “Serenade”, an unorthodox piece by George Balanchine. Without any storyline, it is similar to an impromptu as dancers are as if they are preparing for any unforeseen matters including unexpected lineup sometimes.     




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