“As long as it’s a mart?” – Viral Clip Shows Group At Wrong Mart When Boycotting it Over Socks Issue

In these past few weeks, the “Allah” socks fiasco got very big and due to that, many people have asked to boycott KK Mart.

Even after the CEO of the company has apologised, it seems that the people’s anger is still not quelled, hence, there are still groups out there who are calling for a boycott.

During the weekend, a video of a group of people asking to boycott KK Mart has been circulating.

In that video, which is taken at the roadside, we can see a group of people in the corridor of a store and they were holding banners asking people to boycott KK Mart.

Boycott Wrong Store 2

Boycott Wrong Store 3

However, upon further inspection, we can see that the store that they grouped at was not a KK Mart but rather a 99 Speedmart.

This amused the netizens and they left many comments poking fun at the group of people.

“They are at the wrong place and yet there are so many people there.”

“They have a high level of confidence,” said a user.

Boycott Kk Mart 2

Boycott Kk Mart 3

Another commented, “I think as long as there’s a ‘mart’ behind then they’ll boycott.”

Boycott Kk Mart 4


Hopefully, they have discovered that they went to the wrong place and won’t be going back there again.


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