‘Condor Heroes’ star Chun Wong estranged by children after leaving family for 20-year-younger mistress

Not one of the four children of Hong Kong actor Chun Wong, celebrated for his role in “The Condor Heroes,” responded when informed by a hospital of their father’s fall.

Hong Kong actor Chun Wong. Photo by TVB

Hong Kong actor Chun Wong. Photo by TVB

Reports from local media on March 20 indicated that Chun had suffered a fall at his rented residence in Hong Kong. The landlord came upon the scene and promptly called for assistance to transport him to a medical facility.

Given that any medical procedure necessitated the consent of a family member, the hospital made attempts to reach out to Chun’s kin, including his four children, yet received no reply.

It is reported that Chun’s relationship with his four children, whom he shares with his spouse Mo Peiwen, became strained after he neglected them and Mo upon starting a relationship with Mary, a mistress 20 years his junior. Despite his later efforts to reconcile, his children did not agree to it.

Mo reportedly tried to initiate divorce proceedings from Chun six times, all of which Chun did not consent to. As a result, Chun and Mo have been living apart.

Previously residing in Shenzhen, China with Mary, Chun moved back to Hong Kong upon retiring. Meanwhile, Mary chose to stay in China with her daughter, leaving Chun by himself in Hong Kong. He currently lives alone, is over 100 kg, and confined to a wheelchair.

Having a longstanding commitment to the Hong Kong broadcaster TVB, Chun is notable for his roles in cinematic adaptations of Jin Yong’s wuxia novels.

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