Apple now allows Malaysian customers to trade in older devices

With no fanfare whatsoever, Apple Malaysia just revealed a new trade-in programme for new device purchases on the official Apple website. The programme is open for all new Apple products – from the iPhone to the new MacBook Air.  

Malaysian customers can trade in iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and even Macs to be used for a new device purchase. You are limited to trade-in with the type of device you want to purchase – so if you want to get an iPhone, you can trade in your old iPhones. Same goes with iPads and Macs.

When users head to the official Apple website, they will notice a small button or widget on the buy page of the Apple product, or further down in the customisation page, an option to use Apple Trade In to input the required information on the device that they want to trade in.

Trade-in for a new Apple Malaysia product

The trade-in values for Apple devices on the official website

The oldest device accepted for iPhone trade-ins is the iPhone 6 Plus, with a value of RM150. You can also trade in the Apple Watch Series 5 for up to RM 350. For the MacBook, the max value for trade-in is up to RM3,900 for the MacBook Pro while the iPad Pro can go up to RM4,200.

Users will need to key in their serial number to check the exact amount they will get for trading in their older devices. Apple will only apply the credit to the device price after they have received the device and confirmed its condition. There is a grace period of 14 days after you have received the new device to either have the older device picked up or dropped off. Apple stated in the FAQ that the whole process ‘generally takes 2-3 weeks’. Customers can reject the trade-in if they are not satisfied with the amount.  

Additionally, the credit from the trade-in will only be given after you have purchased the device, and it will take 3-5 working days for the credit to be processed.  If the credit you receive is worth more than the price of your new device, you’ll get the remaining amount in the form of a gift card.

Apple Malaysia also offers a recycling programme

Apple also offers recycling for older devices for free, regardless of the device brand. Customers will just need to choose ‘Other-Recycling’ or choose ‘Other’ when asked “Who made your tablet?” and Apple will proceed to arrange for your device to be recycled.

For the trade-in device, Apple will email the customer with instructions on how to box up the old device and arrange shipping. Apple did not disclose who is the partner on the official FAQ page.

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