China rejects New Zealand’s accusation of being behind cyber attack on parliament

Beijing has strongly rejected New Zealand’s claims that a Chinese-backed cyber group targeted the country’s parliament in 2021, calling Wellington’s claims “baseless”.

This comes after New Zealand Government Communications Protection Minister Judith Collins said on Tuesday that the New Zealand Cybersecurity Agency had linked “state-sponsored” Chinese groups to targeted cyberattacks at the Chinese embassy in Wellington. This was announced in a statement released by. Congressional Service.

The New Zealand Minister acknowledged that the Cybersecurity Agency was “successful in repelling the attack and paralyzing the cyber group’s ability to cause damage to the country.”

Later, New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Winston Peters said his ministry had met with the Chinese ambassador and expressed concerns about the incident. Peters said such foreign interference was “unacceptable” and called on China to “restraint” its interference in the future.

The New Zealand charges come months before the UK’s scheduled parliamentary elections, accusing the UK government of being behind two “malicious” electronic campaigns targeting the UK’s Electoral Commission and MPs. It came after condemning organizations “linked to Beijing.”

London accused the Chinese government of imposing sanctions and summoning the Chinese ambassador.

The New Zealand government announced it “stands with the UK in condemning” China’s cyber activities.

“We firmly reject these irresponsible and baseless accusations,” the Chinese embassy in Wellington said, adding that it had lodged a strong protest with the New Zealand authorities, expressing “strong dissatisfaction and opposition.”

China’s statement indicated that cybersecurity is a global issue and the issue of tracking cyber attacks is very complex and sensitive, stating that “when investigating and classifying cyber incidents, we must rely on sufficient objective evidence. “We should not defame or slander other countries without a realistic basis.” , and do not politicize cybersecurity issues. ”.

The diplomatic mission noted that China, as one of the main victims of cyber attacks, will always stand firm against any form of cyber attacks and confront them in accordance with the law.

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