From teacher to model

MUQHRAM MAZELAN, who hails from Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, navigates a distinctively unique career path. He is a teacher who moonlights as a model! Possessing a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) tailored for primary school education, Muqhram comfortably exists at the crossroads of these seemingly divergent realms. His journey unfolds in the space where education and fashion intersect, presenting a rare blend of pedagogy and runway finesse.

From classroom to catwalk

Muqhram’s experience as an English teacher has influenced his approach to modelling and influencing others through his platform.

“Being a teacher, my client is my student. I learn how to handle kids and study their characters. Thus, when you work with kids, you know how to work with anyone,” shared the 28-year-old educator.

His background in education has equipped him with valuable skills in communication and understanding human behaviour, which he also applies to his modelling career.

Muqhram’s foray into the modelling industry was inspired by a friend who encouraged him to try out for a casting. Despite his initial hesitation, Muqhram decided to make the leap, eventually landing modelling gigs alongside his teaching career.

“To be honest, it’s not that hard to balance. I know my main job and my passion is being a teacher so my full focus is on that,” he admits.

Leveraging influence for change

One of the most memorable experiences for Muqhram has been the reaction of his students to his modelling work. He recalls: “They’ve always known me as their teacher but when they see me on Instagram ads, they’ll be very excited and tell me the very next day that they saw me in an ad.”

Despite the joy he feels in these moments, Muqhram also grapples with the fear of being judged for pursuing a career outside of teaching.

As an influencer, Muqhram leverages his platform to promote education and advocate for causes close to his heart. Through his online presence, he aims to educate his audience about the intricacies of the education system and challenge misconceptions about teaching.

“I like to share my experiences with people. I love when people understand the challenges and the joy a teacher has to face in our daily life,” he shares.

Managing priorities

Muqhram’s ability to balance lesson planning, teaching, modelling gigs and content creation is a testament to his dedication. He emphasises the importance of planning and prioritising his teaching responsibilities while pursuing his passion for modelling and influencer work.

Despite his success in both fields, Muqhram acknowledges the existence of misconceptions surrounding his dual roles.

“People might think that it’s unprofessional for a teacher to indulge in the modelling industry,” he shares.

However, Muqhram remains steadfast in his belief that being true to oneself is paramount, both in the classroom and on the runway.

Authenticity and professionalism

Maintaining professionalism and authenticity is essential for Muqhram, both in the classroom and on social media. He asserts: “I just have to be myself. I am always professional in any mode of work that I currently am in but that doesn’t stop me from being myself.”

Muqhram’s genuine demeanour resonates with his students and followers, fostering a sense of connection and trust. He also integrates his experiences from modelling and tutoring into his teaching methods, making learning more dynamic and engaging for his students.

“In modelling, you have to follow what your clients want you to be. Some may want you to be fierce and some may want you to be bubbly. Thus, you have to act and use a lot of body language,” he explains.

These skills translate into his teaching style, creating an immersive learning environment for his students.

Impacting lives through education and fashion

Looking ahead, Muqhram’s aspirations extend beyond personal success. He hopes to continue his education by pursuing a Master’s in TESL and aims to leave a lasting impact on his students, much like his own teachers did for him.

In the modelling industry, Muqhram dreams of being featured in a fashion spread in a prominent magazine, while as an influencer, he hopes to inspire others to seize opportunities and embrace their true selves.

Muqhram’s journey from teacher to model exemplifies the limitless possibilities that arise when one embraces their passions and refuses to be confined by societal expectations. Through his dedication to education and fashion, Muqhram continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams and challenge the status quo.

Be sure to keep up with him through his social media accounts @muqhmazelan on Instagram and @yunghoely on TikTok.

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