Major Shiba Inu Team Statement to Fight Back FUD Shakes Community


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The Shiba Inu marketing executive, who prefers to be called Lucy, has taken to the X social media platform (previously popularized as Twitter). Lucie made an important statement and she recently mentioned her project on Shibarium, where she has sent her FUD messages regarding the Layer 2 network, and the lack of development and user activity as well as support. criticized the lack of

Meanwhile, Layer 2 solutions have seen a significant spike in the number of transactions, up from recent critical lows.

Lucy’s anti-FUD statement rocks the community

Lucy tweeted, referring to several FUD messages she has been receiving recently. Their main message was “The team showed no support – ‘dead blockchain’, crybaby version.”

The head of marketing responded by saying that this is decentralization implemented in reality, and that there is no central authority to solve all problems. Her response was: “This is decentralization. No one owes you anything. Build, work, promote, work some more, and if it’s good, people will stick with you, that’s the whole truth. is.”

Lucy revealed that she had received a ton of FUD posts and screenshots, to which she responded: “They are completely false.”

She added that people can use the liquidity they have to build a bridge to Sibarium. However, Lucy pointed out that many people are reluctant to stop investing in crypto projects that have “no real future.” The marketing leader said that SHIB’s success is due to its tenacity in building and never giving the blockchain world an opportunity to ignore. However, this requires builders to put a lot of heart into their work, which many people still won’t understand.

That’s the recipe Lucy gave to a project just starting down its path. Shine brightly and be cool enough that everyone will want to bridge or use your product. ”

What Shibarimumu really needs, from Lucy

SMM experts tweeted that Sybarium now needs a product that “keeps moving forward and doesn’t start spreading FUD and pronouncing Sybarium a death sentence every time it doesn’t get enough attention.”

On the other hand, Shibarium’s number of transactions per day has finally reached I managed to soar – The number of daily remittances increased to 412,270, up from just over 66,000 two days ago.

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