Navamart: Star Wars on Earth: Ronald Reagan

Forty-one years ago, U.S. President Ronald Reagan announced the beginning of an intensive “long-range” program with the ultimate goal of neutralizing enemy nuclear missiles. This show is known as “Star Wars.”

President Donald Reagan announced the Strategic Defense Initiative on March 23, 1983, stating: “I will achieve the ultimate goal of eliminating the threat posed by nuclear-armed strategic missiles.” therefore, ordered a comprehensive and intensive effort to promote a long-term research and development program for the warhead. ”

Reagan’s “Star Wars” program incorporated laser-equipped satellites, air and ground anti-missiles, and electromagnetic cannons designed to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles of the Soviet Union and other potential adversaries. I was thinking of a scale system.

The movie “Star Wars” appeared on movie theater screens around the world six years before President Reagan’s speech. The film’s fictional superweapon prompted the media to refer to President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative as “Star Wars.”

It all started in the early 1980s, when concerns about information about the emergence of new ballistic missiles in the Soviet Union prompted the Pentagon to press President Ronald Reagan with the idea of ​​establishing a protective “umbrella” with a new and unprecedented concept. Ta.

Reagan liked the idea and proposed carrying it out according to a plan of action using technology that seemed imaginative at the time, before combat lasers and electromagnetic guns. To protect American territory from Soviet missiles in an ideal way, it was necessary to launch thousands of satellites into orbit and build hundreds of radars.

This plan threatened to start a new and extremely dangerous global arms race, but the US paid no attention to it and, in short, could possess extraordinary capabilities, according to official talk. That’s what I believed. Destroy the enemy’s nuclear missiles and neutralize their nuclear weapons, driving the main enemy, the Soviet Union, into a state of “despair.”

The Star Wars program cost hundreds of billions of dollars and took decades to implement, making such an extremely expensive system ideal for what appears to be a crucial and unique moment. There was no guarantee it would work. So the Soviet Union decided to launch an attack. Nuclear attack on American territory. Despite all this, until 1987, Congress regularly appropriated more than $3 billion annually for the development of Star Wars technology.

Even at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the technology promised by the people behind “Star Wars” remained an unrealizable dream, and Washington wanted to make sure the construction of that fabled “umbrella” they dreamed of protecting. None of the elements could be reached. The United States has almost completely eliminated the possibility of a nuclear attack.

After the end of the Cold War, the Strategic Defense Initiative program was phased out and it became clear that such defense systems would not be 100 percent effective against large numbers of missiles from adversaries well prepared for nuclear war. It was revealed.

Even if the technology of America’s Star Wars program could intercept 90 percent of Soviet nuclear missiles, the remaining percent would be able to bring the United States to ashes in any possible war at the time.

Although the United States effectively abandoned the Star Wars program, development of some types of weapons provided by the program continued until the end of the 1990s.

By 2002, the United States had spent more than $100 billion on this hypothetical program, without success in acquiring technology that could effectively protect the United States from a potential nuclear missile attack. The only result was increased global terror and the wasted loss of hundreds of billions of dollars due to “interstellar warfare” on Earth.

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