Polygon zkEVM Chain Goes Down for 10 Hours

Polygon’s zkEVM network suffered a 10-hour outage on March 23, which the team attributed to an issue with the blockchain’s sequencer due to a layer 1 chain reorganization.

Polygon’s core team fixed an issue that caused the zkEVM mainnet beta chain to be down for more than 10 hours on March 23rd.

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Posted on March 25, 2024 at 2:21 AM EST.

Ethereum Layer 2 network Polygon’s zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) chain was announced to be down for more than 10 hours over the weekend. data From Polygon’s Block Explorer.

Explorer shows that there is a difference of about 10 hours between the times. two Consecutive The blocks were arrayed and added to the chain.

The Polygon team confirmed the outage at X. post On March 23rd, we noted that the issue was limited to Rollup Chains, which had been in beta since release. launch Last year, all other chains running on Polygon’s chain development kit were working normally.

Although a more detailed post-mortem will be performed in the future, the team revealed that the root cause of the issue was in the block sequencer during the reorganization of the layer 1 chain. The block sequencer is responsible for packaging ordered transactions into blocks. Chain reorganization occurs when validators disagree on the most accurate version of the blockchain, resulting in weaker duplicate chains being removed.

In an update on March 25, the team said that the chain’s emergency council had activated a “state of emergency” to allow the core team to fix the issue and resume operations on the zkEVM mainnet beta chain.

“Once this upgrade is complete, the state of emergency has been lifted, meaning any future updates to the system will be subject to a 10-day timelock before they take effect.” Said team on X.

zkEVM of polygons launched The mainnet beta version was released in March last year, but both data from block and L2 beat We see that it has not been able to gain the same traction as some of its competing Layer 2 ZK rollup chains in terms of transaction activity and total value locked (TVL). However, on his Proof-of-Stake (PoS) chain, Polygon’s layer 1 blockchain, transactions reportedly increased by 93% in the latest quarter, increasing his TVL to his $1.1 billion. . data From Messari.

“Polygon has great technology. We shouldn’t let sequencer failure ruin our reputation. It happens, bugs happen, it’s early technology.” Nick Dodson, CEO of Fuel Network, said: on X.

March 25, 2024, 5:09 a.m. ET: The second paragraph was added to provide more clarity about the suspension.

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