Tesla V4 Supercharger spotted at IOI Mall Puchong

There are 36 Tesla Superchargers in Malaysia at the moment but all of them are V3 Superchargers so far. That is about to change very soon as several V4 Superchargers have been spotted in Puchong.

This is the first sighting of Tesla V4 Supercharger in Malaysia

Tesla V4 Supercharger Puchong
(Image source: C.Y. Tan / MyEVOC Facebook.)

According to C.Y. Tan who has shared these images at the Malaysian Electric Vehicle Owners Club (MyEVOC) Facebook group, these chargers were spotted at the basement parking of IOI Mall Puchong’s new wing.

For now, it is unclear how many chargers are being deployed at the site. That being said, one of the photos showed four faceplates, meaning there should be at least two V4 Superchargers there.

Tesla V4 Supercharger is future-proofed

Tesla V4 Supercharger
(Image source: Tesla Charging / X.)

First deployed in the Netherlands last year, one of the biggest advantages being offered by the V4 Supercharger is longer cable. This is being done to make the charger more convenient to be used not only with Tesla vehicles but virtually any EVs out there.

In addition to that, Tesla also said that the V4 Supercharger has been “future-proofed” which made it possible to receive updates and new features. While its peak output still maxes out at 250kW which is the maximum DC fast charging speed that a Tesla vehicle can support at the moment, the sticker on the V4 Supercharger in the Netherlands said that it is actually capable of delivering up to 615kW of power.

Tesla is expanding its charging network in Malaysia

Tesla Charging Station Gamuda Cove
Tesla charging station at Gamuda Cove Kuala Langat – the biggest in Southeast Asia.

Tesla is expanding its charging network in Malaysia

The Regional Director of Tesla, Isabel Fan recently revealed that the company is already working to install chargers in more locations next quarter. Among locations that Tesla has shortlisted include Kuantan, Penang, and Putrajaya as well as two more spots in Kuala Lumpur.

As noted earlier, there are already 36 V3 Superchargers throughout Peninsular Malaysia so far together with 61 Destination Chargers. Just last week, the company has just officially launched the largest Tesla charging station in Southeast Asia which is located at Gamuda Cove and features 24 charging bays with 6 of them being Superchargers.

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