Analysts Forecast 50-60% Surge Amid Bullish Momentum (FET) continues to be bullish and has received a lot of attention regarding its price movement. In the past month alone, FET is up 170%, proving the market’s resilience.Plus, it soared nearly 22% in the last week alone

As of the latest update, FET price still has plenty of positive momentum. is currently trading at $2.98 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.22 billion. According to reports, FET’s market capitalization is $2.05 billion. It is worth noting that FET is up 5.50% from the previous day.

Source: CoinMarketcap

Bullish sentiment on FET: Analysts expect 50-60% surge

Several crypto analysts are optimistic that FET prices will continue to show strong upward momentum. Among these analysts, Captain Fibig, in particular; Excellent He himself was keenly aware of the bullish flag breakout pattern on the FET 4-hour chart.

This breakout indicates that the market could turn into a bullish trend, with Captain Fibig predicting a strong bullish rally of 50-60% expected in the near future. His analysis not only shows technical indicators, but also highlights the significant benefits that can occur in the short term.

Drawn by another famous analyst, Mr. Note Regarding the historical significance of the Golden Cross formation on $FET, we noted that the last occurrence led to an astonishing 5x spike in price. The teacher once again alludes to the possibility of a Golden Cross, suggesting the possibility of further growth for FET.

Additionally, Rekt Capital is also involved. Observe $FET appears to be gradually preparing to challenge its previous highs. This comprehensive analysis highlights the predominance of bullish sentiment for FET’s future price movements and reflects the consensus among analysts regarding FET’s upward trajectory and profit potential.

These insights paint a compelling picture of the growing bullish sentiment surrounding FET. Analyst observations focus on technical indicators and demonstrate a deep understanding of market dynamics and investor psychology.

But it’s clear that the consensus still remains, with each analyst contributing their own unique perspective. FET is poised for upside potential, giving investors a chance to benefit from the expected bullish momentum in the crypto market.

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