“At least shrink the box so it doesn’t look this sad” — Big breakfast doesn’t look big to netizens

SINGAPORE: A “big” breakfast order at a fast-food chain recently got online users talking after a customer shared a photo of their meal, which didn’t quite fill up the box it was served in.

“At least shrink the box so it doesn’t look this sad,” the online user wrote in a forum on Monday (March 25).

The post featured a photo of two buns stacked on each other and a slab of sausage patty with a serving of scrambled egg on top. Contrary to the expectations of online users, the food items did not fill up the box space.

Given this, many took to the post’s comments section to share their two cents on the order. Some mentioned how the serving style gave the order a “deconstructed” look.

One even drew a comparison to how they remembered the breakfast meal was served in the past:

“Big Breakfast is always like that. In the past, before the paper box, the scrambled egg wasn’t stacked on top of the sausage patty, so visually looks filled.

They started stacking the scrambled egg on the patty since Big Breakfast Deluxe got introduced, so make space for the hotcakes. Maybe also so the paper box doesn’t get too soggy from the scrambled egg?”

Another spoke about their customer experience in a different country:

“When I was in Australia, the whole box would be filled up if I bought the food at 5 pm at one cafeteria near my residence. It’s because they don’t believe in food wastage and would rather slash prices to half closer to 5 pm.

They would fill up the box with 2 eggs 3 pies/buns and 2x coleslaw or nuggets.”

Others found an issue with the meal’s use of the word “big” with one saying, “Seriously looks sad. Doesn’t do justice to the word ‘big’ unless we are talking about the box.”

Still, another brought up another prevalent issue, commenting, “Looks like shrinkflation to me.”

A form of inflation, shrinkflation is an economic phenomenon wherein a product shrinks in size or quantity with no change in price.

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