‘Beggar’ caught driving SUV in Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: A woman allegedly begging for alms was caught on video driving an SUV, subsequently making waves on social media.

In the two-minute video posted on @MALAYSIAVIRALLL’s X page, a man can be seen walking over to an SUV parked at the side of a road.

“Driving a Honda?” questioned the man as he attempts to confront the ‘beggar’ sitting in the driver’s seat.

The woman vehemently denies the ownership the vehicle, before claiming the car was borrowed from a friend.

“Not my car, borrowed from my friend,” she responded in English. She also stated in the video that she has no money to buy things or food.

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The video has since garnered 658K views and brought on many comments from frustrated X users who have encountered their share of rich ‘beggars’.

“You haven’t yet encountered the one-legged tissue seller in Cyberjaya who took out his Iphone 14 Pro Max,” shared an X user.

Another shared how he had a friend who would often donate to alms seekers till he came across a ‘blind’ alms seeker who drove off in a Honda Jazz.

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