Dev Null Productions Exits XRPL: Ripple CTO Offers Insight
  • The XRP Ledger is suffering another exit as Dev Null Productions announced its exit shortly after Alloy Network made a similar decision.
  • According to the company, Ripple’s management prioritized their personal interests over those of individual investors and demonstrated a lack of trust in digital assets.

Following the recent departure of Alloy Network from XRP Ledger (XRPL), an engineering company focused on delivering trusted digital solutions, Dev Null Productions has announced that it will no longer contribute to the ecosystem. did. According to the company, he will no longer support XRP and will not recommend it to any person or organization.

Dev Null Productions explains the reason for leaving the company

for a long time post Titled “End of an Era: Adieu XRP,” the company highlighted some of its notable contributions to XRPL over the past six years, including Ripple Source Code, Ripple Analytics, xrpintel, and Ledger City. Its legitimacy, reviewed by CNF, reveals significant gaps in Ripple’s leadership that are disrupting the future of the ecosystem. First, Dev Null Productions accused Ripple’s leadership of lacking trust in digital assets. They say this is evidenced by the recent decision to sell XRP at the expense of retail investors.

This action shows that those at the helm do not believe strongly enough in digital assets to abandon the short-term financial benefits that come from supporting a hard-working community. Sure, they talk good things in front of audiences and television cameras, but actions speak louder than words, and this lack of transparency and accountability to those who are wholly indebted to their success. It speaks louder and louder than any statement that has ever been prepared.

Speaking of this, Dev Null Productions accused the XRPL Foundation (XRPLF) of prioritizing objectives to the detriment of the supporting community. According to them, the foundation is responsible for managing funds aimed at the overall health of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, the company has chosen to focus on “wallets and proprietary services sold by private organizations.” The post also accused those at the helm of government of constantly plagiarizing other people’s innovations and passing them off as their own projects. This led Dev Null Productions to determine that this was a “disgrace and a disgrace” to the people who were supposed to be the leaders of the nonprofit foundation.

In its conclusion of vindication, the company revealed that its decision to leave the XRPL ecosystem had to do with being fed up with the project’s lack of progress over the years in terms of performance. Recently, experts have also investigated some of these reasons. Crypto News Flash reported.

Finally, we are tired of losing out to other assets. XRP has always lagged in terms of market performance and as the old Wall Street adage goes, never marry status. If you think banks will eventually adopt it and prices will go up… you’re wrong. The proof is in the pudding, and good traders know when to cut losses (or better yet, exit when they’re ahead).

Ripple CTO answers

In response to X’s post, Ripple CTO David Schwartz explained that it is almost impossible to avoid selling assets even if you want to hold them. Referring to a post from 2021, Schwartz said that if he received a 1 million XRP bonus from Ripple, he would have no choice but to sell half of it immediately because the marginal tax rate on earned income is about 50% of national income. I gave an example of no. distribution. However, he did not respond to the remaining charges brought by Dev Null Productions.

At the time of writing, XRP has reacted badly to ongoing developments and has fallen. Four% Prices you can trade within the last 24 hours $0.62.

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