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This month, we’re bringing you updates from two groups that are doing great work to grow the Ethereum ecosystem.

cougar For education and community building in Japan

Couger, who specializes in AI, may seem like an unlikely champion of Ethereum education.But cougars are so much more than that Exploring the intersection of Ethereum and AI and Piloted zero-knowledge voting protocol – They have become passionate educators and collaborators in their native Japan. Couger sponsored an ETH Terakoya meetup and a series of workshops and working groups in 2020. Couger recently won his second grant to continue and extend previous research, including:

  • The “Identity x Voting x Blockchain” working group brings together businesses, technologists, and legal experts to work on open standards and proofs of concept: Meeting notes Japanese and English
  • Public Workshop Presenting Results of IDxVoting Working Group Meeting: Notes Japanese and English and the complete video of the presentation (split into two). part 1 and part 2)
  • Working group on eth2 held in November 2020: Memo Japanese and English
  • Deliberate community-building initiatives targeting student, corporate, and general public awareness

clock For notes on upcoming events and meetings. We look forward to seeing these efforts develop and will continue to expand our support to the growing Japanese Ethereum ecosystem.

meta cartel For post-hackathon support

MetaCartel DAO is a community of builders dedicated to accelerating the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem, especially at the application layer. In 2020, MetaCartel placed a special focus on helping hackathon participants continue developing their software and dapps after the hackathon ends. The ESP grant was awarded in the form of a donation to the Metacartel DAO and was specifically earmarked for post-hackathon support. Projects born from the ETHOnline virtual hackathon.

In addition to providing guidance as teams improve their products and build sustainable business models, the MetaCartel DAO has provided small grants to ETHOnline projects, including:

  • llamathe financial hub of the cryptocurrency community
  • mindfula platform that automates portfolio rebalancing and dollar-cost averaging
  • covera derivatives protocol that uses on-chain oracles to enable trading on data streams

Follow MetaCartel’s many endeavors on Twitter, not to mention the infamous meme. @MetaCartel or via them Substack Newsletter.

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