Resistance is fine, but we will not release occupied prisoners until we achieve our objective.

Khalid Meshaal, leader of the overseas Hamas movement, said Israeli detainees in the Gaza Strip will not be released unless the movement’s goals of “stopping the invasion, withdrawing occupation forces from Gaza, and returning them” are achieved. he admitted. “Displaced people,” he said, emphasizing that the resistance forces are alive and well and are waging a fierce battle on the ground and in negotiations.

The head of Hamas abroad, Khalid Meshaal, has stressed that the movement will not release Israeli detainees in the Gaza Strip until it achieves its goals, highlighting the continuing fierce battle with Israeli occupation forces on the ground and in negotiations. It pointed out.

According to a statement by Hamas on the Telegram platform on Wednesday, this was made during an event in Jordan, stating that since October 7, 2023, Israel has been waging a devastating war in the Gaza Strip, which it has besieged for 17 years. I was in the middle of doing that. .

Meshaal believes that the movement’s leadership is waging a negotiation battle that is “as fierce as the battle on the ground” and said, “If God wills, we will defeat them on the ground and in the negotiation battle.” Dew,” he added.

In recent days, new indirect negotiations between Israel and Hamas to conclude a prisoner exchange agreement that includes a ceasefire have stalled in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Meshaal added: “In the negotiations, we will halt the invasion, withdraw from Gaza, reintegrate the displaced, especially in northern Gaza, provide all necessary relief, shelter and reconstruction, and end the siege.” I insist that it be done.”

Deadly Israeli bombing has forced around 2 million Palestinians to flee in devastating conditions in the Gaza Strip, home to around 2.3 million people.

“We will not release our prisoners until we achieve these goals and manage the negotiation war with determination,” Meshaal said.

Tel Aviv holds at least 9,100 Palestinians in prison, and Hamas estimates there are about 134 Israeli detainees in the Gaza Strip, 70 of whom have been killed in random Israeli raids. announced that it had been done.

Regarding the ongoing battle, Meshaal said, “Despite the intensity of the fighting, resistance is fine…This is a historic battle. Yes, the balance of power is not in our favor, but God with us, and then truth and justice for our nation and our cause.”

He added, “This battle revealed the ugly face of the enemy (Israel) on the international stage. There was no change in the international stage or in international public opinion that occurred in the shadow of this battle.”

He said: “As well as political battles, media battles remain fierce. What organizations, armies, rulers, governments, leaders and leaders need to do is convince the people of Gaza that they are in Gaza.” “It’s about making them feel like they’re with us,” he said. field. “

The devastating war that Israel has waged in Gaza since October 7 has caused massive destruction of infrastructure and property, displaced some 2 million Palestinians, and caused tens of thousands of deaths, according to Palestinian and United Nations data. Martyred, wounded.

Despite the United Nations Security Council issuing a resolution on Monday calling for an immediate ceasefire during the month of Ramadan, and despite Israel facing its first trial at the International Court of Justice on charges of “genocide” continues this war. ”

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