“We didn’t make a lot in KL” – M’sians Sell RM16 Roti Canai in China & Talks to Customers in Mandarin

Imagine not only having the skills to cook but also what it takes to market your favourite local food in a foreign land.

In a viral Xiao Hong Shu (RED) post by @辣芷的美食日记, 2 Malaysian Indian men are seen flipping Roti Canai in Chongqing, China to the amusement of the people who pass by the stall. The best part is, the 2 Malaysian men interacted with the customers in the Mandarin language. One of the men had his smile on ALL the time, and he was happily flipping the bread while chatting with the customer.

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Another man, who seemed a little camera-shy was busy grilling the bread right next to him.

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Based on the video conversation, the man said that he has been in Chongqing, China for over a year now. When asked how did he learn Mandarin, the man simply replied,

“I have to learn.”

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The men brought their Canai game to China, and quickly adapted to survive!

The customer then ordered a Roti Pisang from the man, who happily prepared her order while dancing and singing in Chinese language. It’s like the roadside version of Benihana Restaurant because the men have the showmanship to entertain the customers. The Roti Canai is sold at RMB25 (approximately RM16) each, with the flavoured ones at RMB30 (approximately RM20) each.

The Roti is served in a plastic bowl and cut into pieces.

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In another video shared by Oriental Daily, it is revealed that both men are brothers-in-law who come from Wangsa Maju in KL, and there is a reason why they travel abroad to earn a living.

“We didn’t make that much in Malaysia!”

When asked by another Malaysian tourist, the brother-in-law admitted that they couldn’t earn much back in Malaysia.

“We didn’t earn that much in Malaysia but here, we can make money.”

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The conversation started when the Roti Canai vendor jokingly asked the Malaysian tourist why was he having Roti Canai in China when the food was available everywhere in Malaysia. You can watch the video below, and another video by Oriental Daily here.

To those who travel to China often, have you seen these happy men selling Roti Canai? If you’re planning to travel to the area, will you give it a try? It may taste the same as what we’ve always had in Malaysia but the experience is bound to be different!


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