Introducing right-click trading: Place limit and stop orders directly from price charts

Cryptocurrency trading requires accuracy, speed, and strategic risk management. Kraken Pro’s new right-click functionality allows clients to Limit orders and stop orders You can view crypto assets directly from the chart, making trading more intuitive and less error-prone.

This upgrade aims to improve your trading process, allowing you to take immediate actions based on chart analysis without having to go to a different location or manually enter detailed order information each time. It will be.

Why chart-based order entry is important

The ease and accuracy gained by setting limit and stop-loss orders directly on the chart avoids mistakes made with manual entry of order forms, such as accidentally selecting the wrong order type or buy/sell direction. . By working directly with your charts, you can ensure that your orders accurately reflect your analysis and intent.

Intuitive input and exit

Right-click trading enhances your ability to plan your trades by visualizing entry and exit points directly on the chart. With a simple right-click operation, Sell ​​limit or buy stop loss At or above the current price, or Buy limit or sell with stop loss Underneath, adjust your trading settings and market analysis in real time.

Example scenario: MOON/USD

If a trader believes that month/usd If the pair is about to make a new all-time high, they may choose to capitalize on this momentum. This can be achieved by putting strategic strategies in place. Buy order limitsr support level and a stop order It is slightly above the breakout price and looking to profit from the expected uptrend.

See the video example below for a hands-on demonstration of how to set up both types of orders from a chart using the new right-click functionality.

Turn on order form preview: Edit orders directly from the chart (drag and drop)

Make informed trades with advanced features

Kraken Pro’s right-click limit orders and stop trades enhance your trading toolkit, along with the ability to set price alerts directly on your charts. This integration not only simplifies your trading process, but also enables you to make faster, more informed decisions, minimizing the risk of input errors and keeping you on top of market movements. It will look like this.

Explore a new dimension of intuitive trading with Kraken Pro and take full advantage of chart-based order entry and price alerts for efficient and accurate trading strategies.

These materials are for general information purposes only and are not investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation to buy, sell, stake, or hold crypto assets or to participate in any particular trading strategy. Kraken does not and will not increase or decrease the price of any particular crypto asset that it makes available. Some crypto products and markets are unregulated and may not be protected by government indemnification or regulatory protection regimes. The unpredictable nature of the crypto asset market may lead to loss of funds. Tax may be payable on the return and/or increase in value of your crypto assets and you should seek independent advice on your tax position. Geographical restrictions may apply.

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