Polygon’s Napoli Upgrade Propels Ethereum Scaling, AI Crypto’s Presale Attracts Major Capital

Polygon (Matic)

Ethereum (ETH) scaling efforts are powered by the Polygon (MATIC) PoS sidechain following the successful Naples hard fork, marking a significant advancement in blockchain technology. With activation of RIP-7212, this innovative upgrade provides the following features: ethereum The Dencun upgrade ushered in a new era of efficiency and interoperability.

In other news, increased interest in AI-focused projects is creating a favorable atmosphere for new players to emerge.

Ink Beta (QUBE) has accomplished that by surpassing the more than $12.4 million raised in pre-sales. The Ethereum-based platform allows cryptocurrency users to support progress and allows for fractional investments in AI projects created by startups.this top crypto coins is rapidly gaining ground, especially in the AI ​​altcoin space, as it has raised significant amounts of funds from investors during pre-sales.

In this article, we explore the impact of Polygon Napoli’s upgrade on Ethereum and InQubeta’s impressive presale journey.

InQubeta (QUBE) emerges as a new AI candidate

ink solid, Capitalizing on the growing interest in AI cryptocurrencies, we have raised over $12.4 million in ongoing pre-sales. InQubeta is in stage 9, with each QUBE token valued at $0.028, resulting in a launch price of $0.0308.of top crypto coins has sold over 926 million tokens and will launch at the end of this stage with only 10% of tokens remaining.

InQbeta aims to help AI startups raise capital and accelerate growth, allowing investors to participate in promising AI projects. The project has an easy-to-use interface, a profitable NFT marketplace, and a comprehensive roadmap that describes future goals such as Launchpad, NFT marketplace, swapping protocol, and crypto enthusiast training institute. InQubeta’s tokenomics has deflationary features such as burn taxes, staking benefits, and voting rights for token holders.

Through InQubeta’s investment model, investors can participate in the early stages of AI startups and obtain fractional ownership. NFT (non-fungible tokens) linked to these startups, and benefit from the potential for increased value of the platform.Investor uses her QUBE NFT And I will invest in AI startups that I believe in, regardless of their financial strength. These great features raised quite a bit of money in the pre-sale.

success of Mr. Cube Backed by a compelling AI story, the presale demonstrates the crypto community’s interest in projects that connect traditional investing with the rapidly evolving field of AI. Our user-friendly interface, challenging tokenomics, and transparent roadmap position InQubeta to take a leading position in democratizing AI investing and driving innovation in the cryptocurrency space. With its ambitious goals and services, InQubeta has proven itself to be a significant competitor in the AI ​​field. best altcoins Add it to your portfolio.

Polygon (MATIC) price soars ahead of Naples hard fork

of polygon Sidechains significantly enhanced Ethereum’s scalability with the launch of the Napoli hard fork. This release represents a major advancement in blockchain technology. It introduces the groundbreaking RIP-7212 and integrates key components from Ethereum’s Dencun update, demonstrating increased efficiency and interoperability. Due to the function of polygons, Mr. Matic When the update became available on March 20, the price increased by 10%.

Matic Community participants have suggested further improvements for upcoming hard forks such as EIP-3074 and PIP-30 to improve developer options and increase code size limits. This is an example of MATIC’s community-driven approach in action. best altcoins.

Ethereum begins a new era of Layer 2 scalability with Dencun upgrade

The long-awaited Dencun hard fork has been completed, ethereum The rapidly growing Layer 2 (L2) ecosystem is much more scalable. On March 13th, Dencun went live, opening the door to significantly lower trading fees. Ethereum L2 by replacing lightweight binary large objects (BLOBs) via EIP-4844. This process is also known as proto-dunk sharding of call data, which is gas-intensive. BLOBs deleted from the blockchain after approximately 18 days are Ethereum Gas transactions as well as calldata. This significantly increases data availability and reduces the cost of layer 2 rollups.


Coordinated efforts between Layer 2 projects and polygon The Naples upgrade demonstrates the group’s commitment to driving Ethereum’s scaling. InQubeta’s pre-sale is attracting interest from crypto investors as it offers a unique opportunity to invest in AI-driven companies. InQubeta stands out in the cryptocurrency investment space due to its incredible results and unwavering commitment to excellence. It invites investors to step into an innovative platform that leads the way in innovation and prosperity.

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