Singapore charges two execs linked to offshore company Seatrium with bribing Brazilian officials about S$59m

SINGAPORE, March 28 — Two senior executives from offshore and marine company Seatrium and its subsidiary were charged in court on Thursday (March 28) with corruption offences involving the alleged payment of some S$59 million in bribes in Brazil.

One of the two was also charged with obstruction of justice.



The pair, Wong Weng Sun and Lee Fook Kang, each face five charges of conspiring to corruptly give gratifications to Guilherme Esteves de Jesus — a former consultant with Seatrium — to advance the business interests of the company’s subsidiaries in the South American country.

Seatrium was formed in 2023 after a merger between Keppel Offshore and Marine and marine and offshore engineering company Sembcorp Marine.

Wong, 62, was president, executive director, and chief executive officer of Sembcorp Marine, as well as the managing director of Jurong Shipyard, a Seatrium subsidiary.

Lee, 75, was senior general manager of Jurong Shipyard. Both are Singaporean.

Corruption offences

In a press release on Thursday, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) and Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) said that most of Wong and Lee’s charges were related to corruptly giving gratifications to de Jesus for the benefit of persons in Brazil, as inducements or rewards to advance the business interests of the company’s subsidiaries there.

Wong and Lee were said to have given de Jesus:

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